Saturday, March 28, 2009

just a little upset.

So... my aunt went my the super AWEsome duplex that i told you about in the last blog. well, it turned out to be basically the opposite of awesome. major horrible. there were two that she looked at. one of them had a beat up fence, so that my dog could definitely not be left in the yard unsupervised. could hardly be kept there supervised. bummer. then the other one had obviously had a smoker living in it previously, so that there was a bad smoker-smell throughout the house. ugh.

tomorrow aunt toni and uncle george are going to go look at another neighborhood in the dallas area for me. it's supposed to be a really nice neighborhood. my realtor said so and so did friends who used to live there. plus it has hardwood floors throughout the house. as you can imagine, that is a major plus with my dogs. it also has a fenced yard, it's a bit smaller, but it has one less bedroom and one and a half less bathrooms. but seriously, what do i need all that room for? it's just me and el dogg-o's. so i don't really need a three bedroom, two and a half bath home. i think this new house still has a garage. it says it's detached. i don't know how super that will be, but what do you do? maybe this smaller house will be better for minimizing things for me, you think?

anyways, i pray that i'll get a house that works soon. i keep getting excited about one place, then it doesn't work out, so i get frustrated. plus i have about four weeks until i leave now. FOUR WEEKS. do you know how soon that is? SUPER soon. it's creeping up on me faster than i know. plus i still have to work one weekend, hopefully go to memphis with clint one weekend, and one weekend there's a baseball game with anita and james. geez. this is busy busy busy. at least i'm getting a bunch of stuff done during the week. seriously. leann came over one day last week, so i'm going to beg her to come over one more day this coming week (if she's okay to do it, being gone all weeked and all). she put me in work-mode and we got a lot of stuff done together. i'm going fine with the packing and stuff, but then i remember i still have to finish the bathroom, schedule new carpet to be installed, fix up the front flower beds, clean out the garage and storage closet... so much to do. if anyone wants to help, come on over. we'll have a packing party or something.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

TECHnically, my third...

so i know it's thursday. but since i'm still up, it's wednesday for me. which means i'm on my third blog of the day. woah. this one is short. just a little update on some things.
first, i found a place to live. it's a pretty awesome duplex-town home. the picture says it's blue, but i don't know if that's really what color the outside is. i google mapped the area and it's really nice. super nice houses across the street and just up the road, a church half a block away, a mile away from the mall (mom found that-- she rocks), only about 20 minutes from my aunt and uncle and 10-15 away from the train stop for work. awesome.
second, i started twittering. i was bored, plus i love statuses on facebook but hate blocking up everyone's homepage with them. find me as chidanemum if you want to search for me.
third, i'm super happy. i am a bit stressed with all this packing going on, but i'm so happy anyways. leann came and helped me with a TON of packing yesterday, and i spent the evening with clint. life is so good. so, so good.
i'm beginning to get a headache. i hope i don't have it tomorrow because that means i would have to call in sick and i don't exactly have the sick time to use, i think. i suppose i could use vacation, but i am planning on keeping that all for that last week in april when i am supposed to be at work but will already be in dallas.
we'll see.
i wonder what will work out in the next month?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

two in one day? yes i'm bored.

Ok, I got this from my cousin. Here are the rules:

Using only song names from one artist, group, or band, "cleverly" answer these questions.

(Since i love too much music, i'm relying on my party shuffle on iTunes to give me an artist. wish me luck-- the next song picks my artist)

Pick your artist: Aerosmith (right on!! this will be easy!!)

Are you male or female? Girls of Summer

Describe yourself: Dream On

How do you feel about yourself? Full Circle

Describe where you currently live: You Gotta Move

Your best friend is: Sweet Emotion

Your favorite color is: Sunshine

You know: What It Takes

What's the weather like? Lightning Strikes

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called? Fly Away from Here

What is life to you? Lick and a Promise

Your love life? Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)

What is the best advice you have to give? Chip Away the Stone

If you could change your name, what would it be? Jaded

Your favorite food is: Amazing
Woo Hoo!! I made it, too! I think you just picked me because you like me so much. Ha.

The Rules:
As an award recipient, I am asking you to do the following:List seven things that you love and then pass the award on to seven bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world are Kreativ!
1. Being on time. is that a thing? sure is. if not, i pick watches because they help you be on time.
2. Chocolate. anything chocolate. chocolate milk, chocolate liqueur, chocolate cake, chocolate candy, i even once tried a neat beer that i swear had a hint of chocolate aftertaste. de-lish.
3. Jewelry. i'm a huge fan of jewelry. if you've read my other posts, you know this. i love expensive jewelry, but more than that i love cheap fun pieces. they definitely top off a great outfit.
4. Netflix. i'm copying Leann here, but it's a super phenomenal way to watch movies! i don't so much like the downloading to my computer, because my internet basically sucks and it takes me over 3 hours to watch an hour and a half movie. i do, however, love coming home and having a surprise movie waiting for me. what better way to spend an evening? movies rock. i also love how fast they get to me. i will put one in the mail on monday and have a new one for me on wednesday.
5. Quality Things. I was recently called high-maintenance because i like nice things. i'm only high maintenance when i'm treating myself. if you're treating me, i'm happy you are at all and don't require much. however, i do like spending money on things like handmade laptop cases for myself. awesome.
6. Makeup. don't get me wrong, i'm not a HUGE makeup wearer. i just love to put some on, even when wearing a ballcap. it makes me feel prettier and more confident.
7. Handmade Soap. i am soooo looking forward to trying this sampler pack and sharing its Texas flair with Leann, too :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been thinking about writing this one for a while. I have a lot of things that don't make me happy (and some make me downright upset) but i haven't been in a bad enough mood to think about it. well, that mood finally came. most of these things are trivial, because if you know me you know that i am generally happy. thus, not much upsets me.

1. fast drivers. i go the speed limit. if there is a place to pass me, pass me. if there isn't a place to pass me, thank me for keeping you from getting a speeding ticket for the time being. but by all means, do not ride my bumper.

2. slow drivers. i go the speed limit. if you can't go the speed limit, what on earth are you doing driving?

3. gum on the bottom of my shoe. seriously? is it that hard to just wrap it in paper/receipt/the original wrapper or whatever else you find in your purse/pocket/car and put it in a trash receptacle??

4. not being able to think of what makes me upset. i had a head full of things to put on here the past few days... and now can't think of many of them.

5. having a full to-do list. i have one right now that takes up a whole mirror on my dresser. a big mirror, too. and it's super frustrating because it will take time to get things started and at the time it seems impossible to ever finish the whole list.

6. gossippers. seriously. is your life that lame that you have to talk about mine? i feel sorry for you. plus, you can't then EVER trust someone who gossips. if they talk to you about someone, they are sure as heck going to talk to someone about you.

7. leaving people. now, this is a really hard one. i might start crying while writing it. i have moved across the country, on my own, on three separate occasions. i have my sorority friends that i left and still keep in contact with and might visit when i go see my parents. i don't really talk to anyone from new mexico. but arkansas. oh, arkansas. you are my life right now. you are the people who know me and love me and support me. you've seen me become me. since i have finally grown into who i am as a person, you are the people who will stick with me for life. unfortunately, i won't be minutes away anymore. the closer it gets, the harder it is to realize that i am leaving. i actually hope to be distracted by the stress of packing and fixing up my house because then i don't have to face the leaving my friends part. i pray that those i consider close (leann, this means you) consider me as close and continue to keep the friendship growing.

8. the christmas shoes song. no, it's a good song. it just always seems to come on when i am almost at work and it makes me cry. so i show up to work all blotchy-faced and red-eyed.

9. this entry has been removed to protect the innocent.

10. dirty houses. ... and you should see mine right now. being gone too much, stress, and a great dane tear the house up. i have some SERIOUS cleaning to do. that should be at the top of my to-do list. it's embarassing. and i hate it. if anyone feels like cleaning, you know where i live and i don't lock my garage door. shhh. i have a built-in security system. her name is Bella.

11. people who argue for the sake of arguing. what's your problem? whether you're talking politics or questioning my religion, don't bug me about my point of view. there is a reason i don't like to talk to people about some things. i don't like to argue. i am perfectly okay with agreeing to disagree. i will rarely try to persuade you to one side over the other.

that's all for now. it's too late for me to think about all this stress. i'm going to have nightmares now, you can bet on it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a little more erin

so, i had the most amazing weekend. a need-to-know weekend, so you won't get all the details here. sum it up by just saying i had so much fun, surprises, and love with two of the people who mean the most to me this weekend. it was great. shopping, eating, movies and more is a great way to spend time with loved ones.

here are some little-known erin facts.

1. when i was in high school and some of my friends (not even most of them) had cell phones, i used to pretend i had one when i was driving by holding the garage door opener to my ear while singing to the song on the radio so it looked like i was having a conversation.

2. m&ms are my favorite candy because my grampa always gave them to me when we got to see him, which was not often. i think of him every time i have them, still.

3. i love prints. paisley and argyle are my favorite. i have been known to buy something just because it is in one of those prints. oh, and i get made fun of for having too many argyle shirts. and i just bought a brown and purple argyle cardigan today (it was on sale for $8!!)

4. i think rob pattinson is a gorgeous person. i secretly lust after his photoshopped pics.

5. i used to be married to joaquin phoenix. kidding. but i was engaged once. it's a long, terrible story.

6. i actually have a few long, terrible stories in my life. but for some reason, i'm the eternal optimist. maybe that's why i'm still around.

7. i like schedules. i wake up at generally the same time every day. i go to bed at generally the same time every day. i eat dinner at generally the same time every day. i do the same thing every wednesday and sunday... and this weekend i ruined my schedule. but it was worth it. i stayed up for about 20 hrs, and had breakfast for lunch. it was great.

8. i was a jock. i played softball for years, my team was state champs. i think for two years? anyways, it was fun and i was great. i played first base. when i went to a new team, i would take over the first base spot. i also played volleyball, until i tore up my knee and ankle.

9. i was also a nerd. in kindergarten, "they" told my mom i would be a social outcast (i think that was the exact words) because i raised my hand to answer a question. it was suggested that i skip kindergarten. instead, i spend my kindergarten time in the 1st grade room tutoring 1st graders. isn't that embarassing. a kindergartner teaching a 1st grader to read. i rock. however, about the social outcast status... that didn't exactly pan out. i got in trouble for ditching, for having too many boyfriends, for cheating, etc. and still passed most classes with A's. oh, and i have two math theorems that i discovered.

10. when i got to college, i became a fairly bad person. someone i would not look up to. i did a lot of things that i regret, didn't do as good in school as i would have liked to, but it's the regrets that eat me up. i try to get over them now. actually, when i think of some of the things i did, it's like it was someone else, because i'm such a different person now. i'm glad of that.

11. i don't make good friends easily. i was told once i wasn't a great friend so i really try to work on it. and because of me working on it, and surrounding myself with the right people, i now have about 4 people i consider really good friends. unfortunately, those are the ones i'll be leaving in a month and a half... to be only 4 hrs away, though!

12. my favorite christmas was the one when my daddy made me a dollhouse. he seriously made this dollhouse from scratch with little chairs and beds and curtains and everything. and i didn't get it on time because for a long time before christmas i stayed up past my bedtime and that is when he would work on it. so it didn't get done. he showed it to me on christmas, but i couldn't play with it until he finished it. at least he could now do it during the day.

13. i love my parents. i think they are the best people in the world. and i've finally reached the point when i can talk to my mom about anything. seriously, anything. it's a good place to be.

14. i was a spoiled brat. i got everything i asked for and many things i didn't ask for. and other things. in school i got to travel to washington dc, nyc, philladelphia, dallas ft worth, chicago, arizona, san diego, el paso, idaho, pittsburgh, albuquerque, raleigh nc, and belize. for things from school to trips with family to doctor visits. i got a car when i got my license. not a new one, but it was mine. my parents spoiled me. i'm a daddys girl. i'm no longer spoiled, and only high-maintenance when it comes to what i do for myself.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Things that make you go...

So, I've been debating over the past few days what to write next. I've been fairly upset by a few things, so I was going to write about things that make me mad. HOWEVER... seeing as it's Friday, and that alone is enough to put me in a good mood, i changed my mind and am going to write about things that make me happy.

shoulder massages.
i love love love a good massage. i have terrible posture and thus tons of knots in my shoulders that never go away. sometimes i call up this guy that works on the third floor to come give me a quick massage. i definitely don't mind returning the favor, too... just not immediately after my massage-- I'm too relaxed then to do you any good :-)

buying quality.
i have convinced myself that i don't buy expensive; i buy quality. there is a definite difference. yes, i spend too much on some things, but they will last me so much longer than the cheaper version!! my new eyeglasses? in style for a while. perfect with all my argyle shirts. and under warranty! how many eyeglasses do you have that are under warranty?

sympathetic people.
now, here comes my inner hypocrite. i am not sympathetic. i am really good at being empathetic, but sympathy is hard for me. i'm working on it, honest. i even hugged someone the other day.

the third person.
i really enjoy writing in the third person on facebook, and when people respond in the third person. i think it's hilarious and a great stress reliever. takes you out of that moment. like, that's "erin" feeling that way, not me!

not just any lunch. lunch out at a decent restaurant with friends. i absolutely love to go shopping and to the movies with friends, but my favorite is lunch. less formal than dinner, but the best way to have a good conversation and get to know whoever is there with you.

i love jewelry. no, i really love jewelry. i have good jewelry (like my pears from Burma) and fun jewelry (like my chunky black bead necklace) and i love them all. i am a fan of funky jewelry because that is what people notice, and you can have just a so-so outfit-- but put a great piece of jewelry with it and you look, well, finished.

people that notice me.
i don't mean a guy getting my number in a bar. i mean someone who notices a new haircut or new shirt or new makeup or new glasses or cute shoes or... you get the idea... and comments, unprompted. i know that i like this, so i often comment on other people's things that i like. cute purse? i'll tell you. really cute purse? i'll ask you if you want to trade for my really cute purse. kidding.

i was always brought up to be early. i'm generally 5 minutes (at least) early for when we say we're going to meet. so i appreciate someone who is on time, also. you don't have to be early, you just can't be late.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

starving kids and money woes

This morning on K-Love they are doing a Compassion International phone-a-thon type thing. I encourage you to search your pockets for the $13/month that it takes to feed a child. My friend Rebekah sponsors this cute little boy and she gets pictures and stuff from him, too. Give it a try. Well, they will come in between songs and say something like, “thanks to Donna from Pennsylvania for supporting one child with her $150, thanks to Kevin from Kentucky for supporting three children with his $400…” etc. Well right after “donna” and “Kevin”, She was saying how speechless she was for this one donation. I wish I remembered the first name or the state for real, cause it would make it so worth more. Remember that $400 helps 3 kids…

“Thanks to Susan from Wisconsin, who just pleged to help… 364 (or so, I don’t remember the number)… children…” (at this point I started trying to do the math in my head) “…with her donation of $60,000”
SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Blame it on me being a fairly “new” Christian, but my first thought was: You mean even rich people listen to K-Love? You mean even rich people do good things through God? How weird is it that I didn’t immediately praise God for her generosity?

More importantly (and painfully personal), why did I just spend $600 for a phone that would have cost $150 if I'd just waited five more months? Why did I just buy a new laptop when my desktop, although bulky and not portable, works just fine? In a month and a half, I won't have a job. How will I keep making a mortgage payment until my house sells with this type of spending going on? I am so worried about this stuff. I know I will get paid a retention bonus that is about two paychecks. I know I will get paid a severence that is going to be like a regular paycheck lasting for a month. I know I will get a $750 bonus check for passing my LATg test. BUT this new job doesn't help with moving expenses. And there are things like deposits on rentals, plus that dreaded first mortgage I mentioned. And I will probably have to get a plane ticket to fly whoever helps me get to Dallas back to Little Rock. man.

Friday, March 6, 2009

fanTASTIC friday

what a great day!

besides being friday (well, my thursday- i have to work tomorrow), i had a wonderful day. a very productive morning, but nothing extraordinary. then... i had to leave at 11 to take this HUGE test, a certification exam for work. the third of three exams, super hard and you basically have to know everything from management and supervisor information to accredited veterinary associations to where to give a TB test on a monkey and what all animals get canine distemper (it's not a trick question). so like i said yesterday, i blew it off big time. i studied some today but it was pretty much summed up by jack, "if you don't know it by now, it's too late". i figured it was too late. i prayed to God the whole way from redfield to the testing center, everything from "please give me questions i know the answers to" to "please give me answers!". now, i knew there was a lot on that studying that i didn't know. so how pleased was i that ALL of the questions were ones i knew! I was scared to get too confident because i knew all of a sudden there could be lots of ones i didn't know, but it never happened. i was thrilled. i passed. which means i get a sweet bonus from work, too. yay!!

then, to top things off, i kicked butt at pig bloods tonight. sucks to come home with bruises and scratches, but actually feels good to get a heck of a workout that way.

just getting started

so i have jumped on the bandwagon. yep, i decided that i have so much fun sending leann witty responses to emails that i would just get on here and share things this way. i have no idea what i'm going to say, or how i'm going to say it. i just know that i will. i've lately been working very hard on my relationship with God, hence the title of the blog. i know that even once i find a good relationship, i will have to make decisions daily in order to keep it, and keep it strong.

i feel a bit like rambling, but that is not a good idea since i had a large coffee and a route 44 soda around 6pm. stupid. stupid. stupid! i have a huge test tomorrow for work. they pay for it the first time you take it (it's an EX-PEN-SIVE test) and you get a pretty nice bonus if you pass it. thing is, this is my only chance to take it because i'll be gone before i can schedule another one. and this evening, instead of focusing hard on studying, i watched american idol (sort of), hell's kitchen (really), and started a blog.

i get so distracted. grrrr.