Friday, March 6, 2009

fanTASTIC friday

what a great day!

besides being friday (well, my thursday- i have to work tomorrow), i had a wonderful day. a very productive morning, but nothing extraordinary. then... i had to leave at 11 to take this HUGE test, a certification exam for work. the third of three exams, super hard and you basically have to know everything from management and supervisor information to accredited veterinary associations to where to give a TB test on a monkey and what all animals get canine distemper (it's not a trick question). so like i said yesterday, i blew it off big time. i studied some today but it was pretty much summed up by jack, "if you don't know it by now, it's too late". i figured it was too late. i prayed to God the whole way from redfield to the testing center, everything from "please give me questions i know the answers to" to "please give me answers!". now, i knew there was a lot on that studying that i didn't know. so how pleased was i that ALL of the questions were ones i knew! I was scared to get too confident because i knew all of a sudden there could be lots of ones i didn't know, but it never happened. i was thrilled. i passed. which means i get a sweet bonus from work, too. yay!!

then, to top things off, i kicked butt at pig bloods tonight. sucks to come home with bruises and scratches, but actually feels good to get a heck of a workout that way.

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