Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been thinking about writing this one for a while. I have a lot of things that don't make me happy (and some make me downright upset) but i haven't been in a bad enough mood to think about it. well, that mood finally came. most of these things are trivial, because if you know me you know that i am generally happy. thus, not much upsets me.

1. fast drivers. i go the speed limit. if there is a place to pass me, pass me. if there isn't a place to pass me, thank me for keeping you from getting a speeding ticket for the time being. but by all means, do not ride my bumper.

2. slow drivers. i go the speed limit. if you can't go the speed limit, what on earth are you doing driving?

3. gum on the bottom of my shoe. seriously? is it that hard to just wrap it in paper/receipt/the original wrapper or whatever else you find in your purse/pocket/car and put it in a trash receptacle??

4. not being able to think of what makes me upset. i had a head full of things to put on here the past few days... and now can't think of many of them.

5. having a full to-do list. i have one right now that takes up a whole mirror on my dresser. a big mirror, too. and it's super frustrating because it will take time to get things started and at the time it seems impossible to ever finish the whole list.

6. gossippers. seriously. is your life that lame that you have to talk about mine? i feel sorry for you. plus, you can't then EVER trust someone who gossips. if they talk to you about someone, they are sure as heck going to talk to someone about you.

7. leaving people. now, this is a really hard one. i might start crying while writing it. i have moved across the country, on my own, on three separate occasions. i have my sorority friends that i left and still keep in contact with and might visit when i go see my parents. i don't really talk to anyone from new mexico. but arkansas. oh, arkansas. you are my life right now. you are the people who know me and love me and support me. you've seen me become me. since i have finally grown into who i am as a person, you are the people who will stick with me for life. unfortunately, i won't be minutes away anymore. the closer it gets, the harder it is to realize that i am leaving. i actually hope to be distracted by the stress of packing and fixing up my house because then i don't have to face the leaving my friends part. i pray that those i consider close (leann, this means you) consider me as close and continue to keep the friendship growing.

8. the christmas shoes song. no, it's a good song. it just always seems to come on when i am almost at work and it makes me cry. so i show up to work all blotchy-faced and red-eyed.

9. this entry has been removed to protect the innocent.

10. dirty houses. ... and you should see mine right now. being gone too much, stress, and a great dane tear the house up. i have some SERIOUS cleaning to do. that should be at the top of my to-do list. it's embarassing. and i hate it. if anyone feels like cleaning, you know where i live and i don't lock my garage door. shhh. i have a built-in security system. her name is Bella.

11. people who argue for the sake of arguing. what's your problem? whether you're talking politics or questioning my religion, don't bug me about my point of view. there is a reason i don't like to talk to people about some things. i don't like to argue. i am perfectly okay with agreeing to disagree. i will rarely try to persuade you to one side over the other.

that's all for now. it's too late for me to think about all this stress. i'm going to have nightmares now, you can bet on it.

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  1. Aw, this makes me sad. Especially #8 and #9. *tear* And let's HOPE he doesn't read this...

    I pretty much agree with everything except The Christmas Shoes song. It's a horrible song, written specifically to make you cry, thus making it EVIL.

    And yes, you are important enough to me that I want to continue having you in my life, even if you are a few hours away. (I did laugh a little when I read "you are my life right now" because that's totally an Edward line in the Twilight movie. Arkansas, you are my life now). Hehe. And just like Edward, you will go away. And I can only hope and pray that you will return some day, like Edward. But I'm not gonna have to rescue you from the Volturi am I? Because that would suck. I'd do it, but it would suck. Literally. And who's gonna be my Alice? :P


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