Saturday, March 28, 2009

just a little upset.

So... my aunt went my the super AWEsome duplex that i told you about in the last blog. well, it turned out to be basically the opposite of awesome. major horrible. there were two that she looked at. one of them had a beat up fence, so that my dog could definitely not be left in the yard unsupervised. could hardly be kept there supervised. bummer. then the other one had obviously had a smoker living in it previously, so that there was a bad smoker-smell throughout the house. ugh.

tomorrow aunt toni and uncle george are going to go look at another neighborhood in the dallas area for me. it's supposed to be a really nice neighborhood. my realtor said so and so did friends who used to live there. plus it has hardwood floors throughout the house. as you can imagine, that is a major plus with my dogs. it also has a fenced yard, it's a bit smaller, but it has one less bedroom and one and a half less bathrooms. but seriously, what do i need all that room for? it's just me and el dogg-o's. so i don't really need a three bedroom, two and a half bath home. i think this new house still has a garage. it says it's detached. i don't know how super that will be, but what do you do? maybe this smaller house will be better for minimizing things for me, you think?

anyways, i pray that i'll get a house that works soon. i keep getting excited about one place, then it doesn't work out, so i get frustrated. plus i have about four weeks until i leave now. FOUR WEEKS. do you know how soon that is? SUPER soon. it's creeping up on me faster than i know. plus i still have to work one weekend, hopefully go to memphis with clint one weekend, and one weekend there's a baseball game with anita and james. geez. this is busy busy busy. at least i'm getting a bunch of stuff done during the week. seriously. leann came over one day last week, so i'm going to beg her to come over one more day this coming week (if she's okay to do it, being gone all weeked and all). she put me in work-mode and we got a lot of stuff done together. i'm going fine with the packing and stuff, but then i remember i still have to finish the bathroom, schedule new carpet to be installed, fix up the front flower beds, clean out the garage and storage closet... so much to do. if anyone wants to help, come on over. we'll have a packing party or something.

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  1. Just let me know what you need packed and I'll pack it for you so you can focus on whatever else that needs to be done. I'm sorry about the duplexes. Glad your aunt and uncle live there so they can check out things for you. It's hard to tell what things look like in grainy photos. Praying for you! And thanks for taking care of Boo. He rubbed all over me when we got home.


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