Sunday, March 15, 2009

a little more erin

so, i had the most amazing weekend. a need-to-know weekend, so you won't get all the details here. sum it up by just saying i had so much fun, surprises, and love with two of the people who mean the most to me this weekend. it was great. shopping, eating, movies and more is a great way to spend time with loved ones.

here are some little-known erin facts.

1. when i was in high school and some of my friends (not even most of them) had cell phones, i used to pretend i had one when i was driving by holding the garage door opener to my ear while singing to the song on the radio so it looked like i was having a conversation.

2. m&ms are my favorite candy because my grampa always gave them to me when we got to see him, which was not often. i think of him every time i have them, still.

3. i love prints. paisley and argyle are my favorite. i have been known to buy something just because it is in one of those prints. oh, and i get made fun of for having too many argyle shirts. and i just bought a brown and purple argyle cardigan today (it was on sale for $8!!)

4. i think rob pattinson is a gorgeous person. i secretly lust after his photoshopped pics.

5. i used to be married to joaquin phoenix. kidding. but i was engaged once. it's a long, terrible story.

6. i actually have a few long, terrible stories in my life. but for some reason, i'm the eternal optimist. maybe that's why i'm still around.

7. i like schedules. i wake up at generally the same time every day. i go to bed at generally the same time every day. i eat dinner at generally the same time every day. i do the same thing every wednesday and sunday... and this weekend i ruined my schedule. but it was worth it. i stayed up for about 20 hrs, and had breakfast for lunch. it was great.

8. i was a jock. i played softball for years, my team was state champs. i think for two years? anyways, it was fun and i was great. i played first base. when i went to a new team, i would take over the first base spot. i also played volleyball, until i tore up my knee and ankle.

9. i was also a nerd. in kindergarten, "they" told my mom i would be a social outcast (i think that was the exact words) because i raised my hand to answer a question. it was suggested that i skip kindergarten. instead, i spend my kindergarten time in the 1st grade room tutoring 1st graders. isn't that embarassing. a kindergartner teaching a 1st grader to read. i rock. however, about the social outcast status... that didn't exactly pan out. i got in trouble for ditching, for having too many boyfriends, for cheating, etc. and still passed most classes with A's. oh, and i have two math theorems that i discovered.

10. when i got to college, i became a fairly bad person. someone i would not look up to. i did a lot of things that i regret, didn't do as good in school as i would have liked to, but it's the regrets that eat me up. i try to get over them now. actually, when i think of some of the things i did, it's like it was someone else, because i'm such a different person now. i'm glad of that.

11. i don't make good friends easily. i was told once i wasn't a great friend so i really try to work on it. and because of me working on it, and surrounding myself with the right people, i now have about 4 people i consider really good friends. unfortunately, those are the ones i'll be leaving in a month and a half... to be only 4 hrs away, though!

12. my favorite christmas was the one when my daddy made me a dollhouse. he seriously made this dollhouse from scratch with little chairs and beds and curtains and everything. and i didn't get it on time because for a long time before christmas i stayed up past my bedtime and that is when he would work on it. so it didn't get done. he showed it to me on christmas, but i couldn't play with it until he finished it. at least he could now do it during the day.

13. i love my parents. i think they are the best people in the world. and i've finally reached the point when i can talk to my mom about anything. seriously, anything. it's a good place to be.

14. i was a spoiled brat. i got everything i asked for and many things i didn't ask for. and other things. in school i got to travel to washington dc, nyc, philladelphia, dallas ft worth, chicago, arizona, san diego, el paso, idaho, pittsburgh, albuquerque, raleigh nc, and belize. for things from school to trips with family to doctor visits. i got a car when i got my license. not a new one, but it was mine. my parents spoiled me. i'm a daddys girl. i'm no longer spoiled, and only high-maintenance when it comes to what i do for myself.

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  1. I had a blast too! A great weekend. Probably one of the best weekends I've had in, oh, say, EVER. Not really. But it was awesome...both days, and that's rare.

    A few comments:

    #3: $8? Where?

    #4: Oh, man. I guess I take partial responsibility for this.

    #5: I need to know this long story...

    #6: I'm glad you're still around. I have some long, not good stories too.

    #7: I have to get ready in the morning the same exact way or I get thrown off--you know, shower, breakfast, foundation, cheeks, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brows, hair, etc.

    #8: I was definitely not a jock. I was a band nerd.

    #9: For some reason I'm always friends with people WAY smarter than me. This paragraph about you totally made me jealous of you. Especially about the two math theorems. Nerd.

    #10: Um, this paragraph pretty much sums up my college existence. I'm so very glad I'm not the same person and I think the whole time I was not being good, my soul was screaming that this was not me.

    #11: I don't make good friends easily either.

    #14: I wish I had been more places.


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