Wednesday, March 11, 2009

starving kids and money woes

This morning on K-Love they are doing a Compassion International phone-a-thon type thing. I encourage you to search your pockets for the $13/month that it takes to feed a child. My friend Rebekah sponsors this cute little boy and she gets pictures and stuff from him, too. Give it a try. Well, they will come in between songs and say something like, “thanks to Donna from Pennsylvania for supporting one child with her $150, thanks to Kevin from Kentucky for supporting three children with his $400…” etc. Well right after “donna” and “Kevin”, She was saying how speechless she was for this one donation. I wish I remembered the first name or the state for real, cause it would make it so worth more. Remember that $400 helps 3 kids…

“Thanks to Susan from Wisconsin, who just pleged to help… 364 (or so, I don’t remember the number)… children…” (at this point I started trying to do the math in my head) “…with her donation of $60,000”
SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Blame it on me being a fairly “new” Christian, but my first thought was: You mean even rich people listen to K-Love? You mean even rich people do good things through God? How weird is it that I didn’t immediately praise God for her generosity?

More importantly (and painfully personal), why did I just spend $600 for a phone that would have cost $150 if I'd just waited five more months? Why did I just buy a new laptop when my desktop, although bulky and not portable, works just fine? In a month and a half, I won't have a job. How will I keep making a mortgage payment until my house sells with this type of spending going on? I am so worried about this stuff. I know I will get paid a retention bonus that is about two paychecks. I know I will get paid a severence that is going to be like a regular paycheck lasting for a month. I know I will get a $750 bonus check for passing my LATg test. BUT this new job doesn't help with moving expenses. And there are things like deposits on rentals, plus that dreaded first mortgage I mentioned. And I will probably have to get a plane ticket to fly whoever helps me get to Dallas back to Little Rock. man.


  1. Um, great. Thanks for making me feel like a stingy loser. And you wonder why I don't listen to K-Love? Just kidding. I'm just as bad with blowing my money as soon as I get some sort of bonus (e.g., taxes, student loan refund, etc.). Although I can't say that the Air Conditioner I'm about to purchase with my tax money is one of those "feel-good" purchases (well, maybe this summer when it's 100 degree it will be feeling good).

    On the topic of rich people...I've been a Christian for a long time and I'm still amazed that rich people give and obey God. I guess because we're taught so much that riches can take your focus away from God. It's hard to associate the two together.

  2. Notice I said Rebekah is sponsoring a kid. I did not say "be like Erin! Erin sponsors starving kids!" because I don't. I give to K-Love but not as much as I could if I didn't buy the unnecessaries. Ugh. First off, yay for the new AC. Second, yay for the awesome TV that you forgot to mention (now I'm just being mean...) :-)

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