Thursday, March 26, 2009

TECHnically, my third...

so i know it's thursday. but since i'm still up, it's wednesday for me. which means i'm on my third blog of the day. woah. this one is short. just a little update on some things.
first, i found a place to live. it's a pretty awesome duplex-town home. the picture says it's blue, but i don't know if that's really what color the outside is. i google mapped the area and it's really nice. super nice houses across the street and just up the road, a church half a block away, a mile away from the mall (mom found that-- she rocks), only about 20 minutes from my aunt and uncle and 10-15 away from the train stop for work. awesome.
second, i started twittering. i was bored, plus i love statuses on facebook but hate blocking up everyone's homepage with them. find me as chidanemum if you want to search for me.
third, i'm super happy. i am a bit stressed with all this packing going on, but i'm so happy anyways. leann came and helped me with a TON of packing yesterday, and i spent the evening with clint. life is so good. so, so good.
i'm beginning to get a headache. i hope i don't have it tomorrow because that means i would have to call in sick and i don't exactly have the sick time to use, i think. i suppose i could use vacation, but i am planning on keeping that all for that last week in april when i am supposed to be at work but will already be in dallas.
we'll see.
i wonder what will work out in the next month?

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  1. Hi Erin! I'm so glad you're blogging! I'm also excited for your new job and move to the big D! It is so cool to see how God is directing your life! I know I'll miss seeing you; maybe whenever I come to visit my parents, my mom and I can meet you somewhere! Thanks for your encouragement for me! Blessings!


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