Friday, March 13, 2009

Things that make you go...

So, I've been debating over the past few days what to write next. I've been fairly upset by a few things, so I was going to write about things that make me mad. HOWEVER... seeing as it's Friday, and that alone is enough to put me in a good mood, i changed my mind and am going to write about things that make me happy.

shoulder massages.
i love love love a good massage. i have terrible posture and thus tons of knots in my shoulders that never go away. sometimes i call up this guy that works on the third floor to come give me a quick massage. i definitely don't mind returning the favor, too... just not immediately after my massage-- I'm too relaxed then to do you any good :-)

buying quality.
i have convinced myself that i don't buy expensive; i buy quality. there is a definite difference. yes, i spend too much on some things, but they will last me so much longer than the cheaper version!! my new eyeglasses? in style for a while. perfect with all my argyle shirts. and under warranty! how many eyeglasses do you have that are under warranty?

sympathetic people.
now, here comes my inner hypocrite. i am not sympathetic. i am really good at being empathetic, but sympathy is hard for me. i'm working on it, honest. i even hugged someone the other day.

the third person.
i really enjoy writing in the third person on facebook, and when people respond in the third person. i think it's hilarious and a great stress reliever. takes you out of that moment. like, that's "erin" feeling that way, not me!

not just any lunch. lunch out at a decent restaurant with friends. i absolutely love to go shopping and to the movies with friends, but my favorite is lunch. less formal than dinner, but the best way to have a good conversation and get to know whoever is there with you.

i love jewelry. no, i really love jewelry. i have good jewelry (like my pears from Burma) and fun jewelry (like my chunky black bead necklace) and i love them all. i am a fan of funky jewelry because that is what people notice, and you can have just a so-so outfit-- but put a great piece of jewelry with it and you look, well, finished.

people that notice me.
i don't mean a guy getting my number in a bar. i mean someone who notices a new haircut or new shirt or new makeup or new glasses or cute shoes or... you get the idea... and comments, unprompted. i know that i like this, so i often comment on other people's things that i like. cute purse? i'll tell you. really cute purse? i'll ask you if you want to trade for my really cute purse. kidding.

i was always brought up to be early. i'm generally 5 minutes (at least) early for when we say we're going to meet. so i appreciate someone who is on time, also. you don't have to be early, you just can't be late.

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  1. I like your new glasses. And I used to always be on time but something happened. Not sure what. I hate being late, but I sometimes have a problem not being a few minutes later than I planned on being at a place. It bugs me but I don't know what I can do to change it. I'm not good with managing my time, I guess.

    I'm really excited about tomorrow. Do you want to go to Hobby Lobby? I need to get some jewelry-making supplies. And I have a blogger friend who tole me we REALLY need to go see Slumdog Millionaire. Just throwing that out on the table.


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