Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally... Internet (Part 3-- Wednesday

29 april 2009 3:04om

Okay. I didn’t feel like getting on the computer yesterday, so here’s the quick update on yesterday first. Most all I did was go exploring in my little corner of the city. I didn’t venture past the street names that I knew, pretty much. Found a Target, grocery store, Blockbuster, all sorts of stuff. I found my favorite intersection (it happened to be where the Starbucks was when I was writing that morning)—each of the four corners makes up a big shopping plaza with all sorts of stuff in it. I came home after doing a little exploring and got Bella, and we went out to lunch. I found a KFC/Pizza Hut and she got chicken strips while I had a pizza. She also helped me finish off my breadsticks. She’s so good in the car, it’s nice. Mostly she just lays down because even laying down she can still look out the window.

Oh. My shower broke. On my second day! The shower head just fell off in my hand. Ugh. I called the management company but they took so long to call back that I just went to Target and bought a new shower head. I like it better anyways because the old one was attached to a hand-held shower, so it was a lot lower. It’s a nice shower!

Now for today. As I’m getting my makeup on this morning, the old homeowner came by. She is super sweet and just wanted to check if I had any questions about anything, told me a bit about the neighborhood, and gave me great shopping ideas. She also told me not to take I-30 into work, and gave me an alternate route. I just got done driving that route. It takes me through downtown, then on to my work. Wasn’t too bad; took me about 30 minutes. Then when I was by my work, I saw the name of a street that I remembered seeing in my neighborhood also. When I checked my handy-dandy phone, sure enough it is the same street. So I took that way home, and… OMG. I ran into a shopping plaza that had the likes of Hermes, Escada, Jimmy Choo… wow. It was phenomenal. They probably won’t even let me into the stores, but I just HAVE to go back. It was too fun just driving around the parking lot. They do have a small movie theatre there, so that gives me a great reason to return... J you should have seen the CARS in the parking lot! Range Rovers, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus… over and over and over. Wow. Just, wow. So, jump back to my story and the Mockingbird trip took the same amount of time as the trip through downtown, but I liked it better. Tomorrow I’m going to drive it during rush hour, at the time I think I have to leave my house to get to work on time to see how that goes. I’m sure it’ll take just a little longer because the road really didn’t seem like it would get too bad. Not too many lights or turn-offs to highways or anything. Maybe 45 minutes? I’ll let you know tomorrow!

I found a library. Not too far from my house, so I’ll try to get there tomorrow afternoon to post all of this. It’s getting to be a bit much. I’m already on 4 pages on my computer, I’m sure it will be overwhelming on the blog. Oh, well. I’m sitting on my bed and about to pop a movie in. I definitely feel like I need a nap today, but we’ll see if I stay awake during the movie first. I’m not going to uncle George and Aunt Toni’s house today—went Monday, went last night, and am going tomorrow. They sent me home with so much food though, I have to start eating it out of my cooler soon. I’m afraid it’s not cold enough in there for food to last long; good thing my furniture, including fridge, will be here in a week.

5:35 pm

I'm sitting in the library now. Yay for them being open until 8pm! If I need it before I get to work, like for the rest of this week, I'll just come here. Oh, and I already tried to hack into it from the parking lot but it didn't work for some reason. ANYways... this will definitely do for now. it's a nice library. small, but i don't need much. and on the way to... SHOPPING. yep. i'm about to go do a little shopping. what else am i supposed to do while i'm sitting here in a new town and not working yet? For reals though, i have to get a few more things to wear at work. i've probably got one or two good weeks' worth of clothing, but like any girl, i need more clothes. Brian just called from Iraq. it was nice to get to talk to him, if only for a little bit. his phone cut out so it was a short call with an abrupt ending. in any case, i'm out. i need to go to bed a little early today because tomorrow i'm trying the route to work during rush hour to see how it goes. yay for having a purpose. i so wish i was in arkansas though. last night clint went to the jason mraz concert and i was uber jealous. i love jason mraz and would have loved to see him in concert. i think he said plain white t's opened? anyways, it would have been nice. okay, okay. i'm really off to shop this time. hopefully i'll hear from you guys soon!

Finally... Internet (part 2-- Tuesday)

28 april 2009 9:22am

I’m sitting in Starbucks now and can’t get online. I don’t know what’s up. See, in Little Rock all I had to do was sit down and connect and it won’t let me. I need a username and password? I’ll try to find a Barnes and Noble to see if they have internet next. Maybe that will be my goal today. Either that or the library. Libraries for sure have internet.

Finally... Internet (part 1-- Monday)

27 april 2009 10:22pm

I don’t have internet yet, and the dumb neighbors have locked theirs so I can’t get into them. Ugh. So I’m typing this on Word and going to send it as soon as I have internet. Hopefully that’ll be tomorrow morning. I’m planning on going to Starbucks for coffee and internet because I forgot to buy coffee today.

The drive was fine. I hit rain lots of the way, but it wasn’t too bad. Having the GPS really helped. I didn’t worry at all about where to go. I’m going to go all over and hopefully learn the town (or at least the sections I need to know) with it whenever I can. So. This place doesn’t smell like home and since I’m so affected emotionally by scents, it was a hard day. Not having furniture or anything at all really doesn’t help, either. It just doesn’t feel like mine. It also doesn’t feel like I’m going to start a new job in a week. Maybe I’m here on vacation or something—at least it seems that way. And I just happen to be vacationing on an air mattress in an empty house with no furniture. I feel kind of like I’m in a dream. And I hate to say it, but a bad dream. I know it’ll get easier as I get used to the area, but I already miss people so much and I didn’t think moving would affect me so much.

Here’s my today:

As soon as I came into Dallas, I called the leasing office. The guy for me wasn’t there, so I left a message and drove around the area where I knew the office was, waiting for a reply. I figured I would get the money orders I needed while I waited, so I watched the GPS and found a grocery store coming up. I turned on my blinker, and looked to the right and the whole darn plaza—all of the store names were written in Chinese!! I turned my blinker off and continued down the street. A few miles (or less) down the road was a gas station. I stopped there, got the money orders, and let the dogs out. Well, Maya had been irritating me so she stayed in the car. Bella got out and didn’t go potty, but she walked all around. Then when it was time to head to the office, she DID NOT want to get in the car. I don’t blame her. Poor thing had just spent 4.5 hrs curled up asleep in the car. Anyways, I got her in there, went and met the agent, and he didn’t even have my keys. They were running late with house stuff, so the people doing the re-keying were still there. Um, I guess they were done and just didn’t have a chance to get the key to him yet. They left it in the mailbox for me so all I had to do was turn in some papers then go to my new place.

When I got there, the cleaning ladies were still there. They said all they had left to do was mop the place and I told them it was okay, that I would take care of it later. I would have loved it if someone else mopped for me, but I had my poor doggies in the car and they needed to get OUT. I checked the fence (it needs some work but they’ll be okay supervised for now) and took them outside. Well, when I went outside, I found out that the back screen door automatically locks when you shut it. Rats. So I had to wade through water about ankle deep while holding bel’s collar and drag her back through the front door (good thing I had my keys with me!). I checked out the door and it looks like nothing I can change. I’ll just have to watch that, and have my dad or uncle look at it when they come over. I brought a few things in from the car, but just a suitcase, my hamper and whatever was in it, a pillow… some little things like that.

I then left the dogs at the house (and prayed that they would be okay in the new surroundings without me—at least there wasn’t anything for them to tear up yet!) and headed to this one street that the agent said had “everything” on it—sam’s, walmart, home depot, big lots, everything. He was right. Side note: I’m home and don’t remember how to get back there. While I was on that road (Garland?) I called my uncle to let him know I’m in town and headed to his place. He lives about 45 minutes away from me so I started heading there around 4. Traffic wasn’t bad. I know I was just at the early part of it, but it was okay. Honest. I got to his house, and he could have been my daddy’s twin! They look so much alike. I haven’t seen Uncle George for 11 years, but our family is so close that it could have been yesterday, the way he greeted me. I love family. I love having family close when I’m going through this. We chatted until Aunt Toni came home, then George cooked while Toni and I talked. I love them both. Uncle George made some kind of shake-and-bake chicken, but I bet the crust stuff was all homemade. He also made those potatoes that you cube up and top with olive oil and seasonings then bake, and a salad. After dinner, Toni took me shopping. I needed to get an air mattress, and I know AeroBed is amazing. Mom and dad have had one for something like 8-9 years and it doesn’t have holes or anything. PLUS, you just plug it in for about a minute for it to inflate. Awesome. I also got a rug for the front door, as it was raining and I came in with wet shoes onto tile and it was pretty darn slippy. Oh and I got one of those things you hang over the shower head to hold shampoo and everything. Another side note: when I came home to put that on the shower head, the shower head came off. Like completely fell off. I don’t have a shower and will be calling the leasing company FIRST THING tomorrow. Ugh. I also got some candles because, like I said, this place doesn’t smell like home. It must have been the cleaner they used or something. It just is different. Not bad at all. Just different. I apparently don’t do well with different. We also stopped by the pet store so I could get some bones for the doggies to make up for leaving them for so long on the first day. When we got back to their house, Uncle George had made up a bag of leftover food and all sorts of goodies for me to take home. So sweet!

I came home and unloaded some more stuff. I took all the dog things out of the car, of course the bags from George and Toni, my computer (duh), and ironing board. Oh, and all the stuff I bought. I fed and watered the doggies (they were so thirsty, poor things. Don’t turn me into PETA for abandoning my dogs please) then took the cooler in the house and took my shoes out of it so I could run and get some ice for it. It’s my little makeshift fridge. I put all the food from George and Toni into it (oh, they gave me a bunch of fresh fruit and I’m sooo happy about that!) then started getting ready for bed. Made up the Aerobed (yay! It’s super comfy!) and got dressed in jammies and am now laying in bed. Oh, I forgot to say that I got bel a bed. She’s never had a bed because they don’t make them in her size, unless you want to spend like $200. I found one at the pet store that is just that egg carton style mattress pad in a zip-up cover. And it was only $20! Woo hoo! And it’s her size! Super. So she’s still eating on her bone (on her bed!) while I’m laying in my bed with Maya curled up with me. She just finished her bone. I’m so ready for bed. It was a long, emotional day. I started not too early, about 630, but I’ve been in the car ALL day and with everything going on… plus, it IS 11pm. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about getting up too early this week. I’m going to start on Wednesday going to work in the mornings, so I can judge what time I’ll need to leave the house to get there on time. Start after rush hour so I can find the route, then by Friday go at what time I think I have to leave and see if it gets me to work on time. Wish me luck. I also am meeting with the girl who leads the women’s singles group at Prestonwood sometime this week. We’re supposed to meet up at the church for lunch or something and so she can show me around. I need to call her tomorrow. I need to call a lot of people tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I still have internet set up at my house. My house in Sheridan. Doesn’t do me much good here, does it?!

Well, I will write daily for a while. After all, I don’t have anything else to do. They might not get sent daily, but will as a group when I get internet. Actually, I might just go to Starbucks every morning this week. We’ll see how it goes. PLEASE write back, as I do have internet on my phone. It’s just a pain to type this much on my phone and I knew I had a lot to say tonight because of the whole “first day” thing.

Oh, and come visit. Soon. I need reinforcements :-)

I’ll be back in Sheridan before long I’m sure.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

a new life starts tomorrow

let me start this by saying just how "not-real" it feels to be moving tomorrow. like, maybe i'm going on vacation? or just another day at work? but i can't be moving to another state... can i? well, the fact that all of my posessions are in boxes and i don't even have a bed to sleep on tonight should be a good indication. yes. tomorrow i move to dallas. in honor of my life here in arkansas, i thought i'd tell you some of the things that i'll miss most, in random order.

* walking down an old county road at dusk to return a shovel to my neighbor, and stopping to pet a horse on the way.

* the way that "green" smells.

* how polite people in the south are. you all may complain about rude people, if you're from here, but live up north for a while and you will see a noticible difference.

* leann. for serious. what other kind of friend would clean your house before her own? or would agree to come and finish up things at your house, while you're already in dallas? not many. you rock my world, girl. come visit soon.

* that my neighbor here came running to check if bella was okay when she saw her out in the neighborhood.

* the terms i have learned. of course, i can't think of many while i'm here thinking about it, but all of the -isms that i've heard here. you guys crack me up.

* going into walmart at ~1pm on a sunday (PRIME walmart time) to get only two bags of mulch... and NOT HAVING TO WAIT IN LINE!

* knowing people who know someone who does something that i need.

* mr slaughter, the septic man. if you EVER have septic problems, look him up. he was such a nice man, reasonable in price, and so sweet. he must be from around here :-)

* the way everyone is related to everyone. serious. my next door neighbor is the uncle of a guy i work with. our secretary is the mom to a guy i work with, who's married to someone who goes to church with someone we work with and the fill-in secretary has a husband, who has a cousin, who is married to the step-daughter of a guy i work with. it's almost creepy. do you all check family trees before you start dating?

* being able to see the stars at night. i'm totally a city girl, but i do admit i will very much miss sitting in my back yard and being able to see what seems like every star god created. amazing.

i'm off to watch the latest episode of grey's online before i go to bed. i'm going to try to get an early start tomorrow, out of here by 8 at the latest, so we'll see how well i stick to it. keep in touch. and stay tuned. i'll totally be back on here often. especially with the move and starting a new job.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

quick update

well, i'm sure being productive lately. i just finished scraping the ceiling in the hallway and even without painting, it looks better. my arms are too tired to paint just yet, so i'm going to pack a bit more. i'm getting really close to being done packing, too. i'm starting to put things in suitcases-- that's a big deal because the suitcases are coming with me in the escape, so it's the last of what i'm packing. i also did a little more of the mulch stuff, and put up new border in the back bathroom. i must say, i'm pretty good at doing this all fast when i have to! oh, wait. i forgot to tell you that i got electrocuted. for reals. just a bit, but BOY did my heart feel it. i might have just saved a surgery to get my SVT back on track. ha. i'm happy that i have a few days still. i am not going to finish the mulch today, mainly because i don't want to leave the house to go get more. also because of the painting. so here's the list of what i still need to do:

put the couch cushion cases in the washer to freshen them before the trip (and by freshen i mean remove the dog smell)

finish packing

paint hallway

touch-up paint in bathroom

wash walls, baseboards

finish the mulch out front

get utilities set up in the new house

get todd's dad to fix the back bathroom sink

schedule carpet replacement. ugh

and i'm pretty sure that's about it. that's not so bad. it seems like a fair amount, but it will go quickly. for instance, the mulch i can probably finish in two hours (or less), after work on thursday.
well, that's enough of me "wasting time" on this blog. time to go back to working. wait. before i go, guess what i found in my flower bed out front this morning? are you ready? an asparagus spear. for reals. growing in my flower bed. just one, which was odd, but it was beautiful and perfect to be picked for eating. too bad it's coming up now and not two years ago when i bought the place. where did it come from, anyways? they can't just pop up, can they? oh well. it's not there anymore.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

insert catchy title here

i seriously love leann. i love that she uses words like super and wicked and phrases like "i heart dolly".
flippin awesome.


So, my job was relatively stress-free before (how many have heard me say i have the best job ever), but lately it's been even better. besides the senioritis. i have two more weeks of work before i move to dallas, and i hardly care about much here! it actually feels great!

I'm listening to Francesca Battistelli. i really like her. my current favorite song of hers is Someday Soon. google it or something.

i'm slightly disappointed in mcdonald's and their coffee. i'm a faithful customer, and get a nonfat caramel latte (almost) daily. for the past three days, there has been grit in the bottom of the cup. NOT a nice way to finish coffee. plus, i feel like i'm not getting my money's worth. first of all, they don't fill it up to the top, and second, there's about 1/2 inch of coffee in the bottom that i can't even drink because of the grit. ugh.

i have decided that tonight i have to work on my flower bed out front. my super friend leann is helping me. i couldn't pick whether we are painting or doing the flower bed, and since my landscaper came two days ago (that makes me sound spoiled) and cleaned up the flower beds, i need to cover it with plastic and mulch before weeds start coming up again. i can paint any day. i will probably paint on the 16th. or the following weekend.

i'm going to memphis this weekend. the boy got suite tickets to the minor-league memphis baseball team for the saturday game and i'm pretty stoked. i love baseball-- no, i love live baseball. it's boring on the tv.

today, i'm not even on the schedule for work. i've got my music up real loud (yay for itunes party shuffle) and my bible open to work on my bible study. life is good. when i was almost waking up this morning, like when the dog nudges me at 4am and i just grumble at her to get back to sleep, i very much thought it was saturday. seriously. my first thought was "man, i'm so glad it's the weekend". turns out it doesn't matter much because i plan on watching a movie (the changeling) and reading more of my book (enemy women) today. at work. awesome.

what else? i need to drink more water. i've been so thirsty lately. i almost called this blog "thirsty thursday" because i'm craving water. or milk. or juice. i'm just so thirsty! maybe i've got pancreas problems. or maybe i just haven't been drinking enough lately.

i've also had a hard time lately with "lay" and "lie". i guess i never really knew the difference, but my email and word have been trying to correct me recently, and i hate changing it to what it suggests because, well, it just doesn't sound right. now, if facebook tells me to change something, i'll change it. facebook is law, remember? ha.

i looked cute last night. i straightened my hair and did my makeup and wore a cute top. singles were supposed to go to see morgan's mom last night and i didn't want to go in my t-shirt and ballcap, so i got pretty instead. turns out we didn't go at all. didn't matter. the boy told me i was having a "pretty face day". he seriously said that. actually, he added the word hair in there somewhere. like he thought my face and hair were pretty last night. i don't know if i should take that as a compliment, or what to think of it. i thought i always had "pretty face days" when i was with him!

there's my thursday thoughts.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

it's been a while

I thought it'd been much longer than it has been, but I still think it's been too long since my last blog. Anyways, just a little update. None of the houses have worked out so far, so my *new* realtor (who is actually living in Dallas and has been GREAT at showing me houses only in good neighborhoods) is still looking for me. She sent a bunch of nice ones yesterday, and here are two that I'm looking at:

This one is a house, a little farther from work-- hardwood floors throughout the house, but carpet in bedrooms. nice size, separate garage, new everything basically. but no pictures of the kitchen. it's cute with it's front red door. it's about 13 miles (I think) from work, would take probably a half hour to drive in. downside: it's a bit more expensive than i was hoping to pay.

This one is a duplex, has a deck and hardwood in the whole house, covered parking, cute kitchen, and is only THREE MILES from work. that means coming home on lunch break to eat and let the dogs out. that means getting a bike and taking it into work. phenomenal. downside: it does not have central air. it does, however, have window air units and for the cheaper price and distance to work i could deal.

I'm waiting to hear back from the realtor hopefully this weekend, monday at the latest; she's checking on whether they'll let bella live there. unfortunately, having a big dog means getting special permission for her to live there. one of them lists that pets are allowed with approval, and the other lists that pets are allowed except for rots and pits. i hope one of these works out. they both have their good and bad things, so i'm sure whatever is supposed to happen will. seeing as i'm down to three weeks until i leave, i'm starting to get a bit worried about having an address when i move there. i have friends and family that have offered me to live there, but i hate feeling like i'm imposing-- plus i'd have to board bella until i found a place and i hate to do that, even if i can visit her daily. it sucks for her.

well, keep up the prayers for my house. and while you're at it, pray for morgan's mom, who is still not in the clear from her heart surgery this week. pray for her family, that they can be kept as calm through this as God will let them, knowing that He is in charge of us all.