Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally... Internet (Part 3-- Wednesday

29 april 2009 3:04om

Okay. I didn’t feel like getting on the computer yesterday, so here’s the quick update on yesterday first. Most all I did was go exploring in my little corner of the city. I didn’t venture past the street names that I knew, pretty much. Found a Target, grocery store, Blockbuster, all sorts of stuff. I found my favorite intersection (it happened to be where the Starbucks was when I was writing that morning)—each of the four corners makes up a big shopping plaza with all sorts of stuff in it. I came home after doing a little exploring and got Bella, and we went out to lunch. I found a KFC/Pizza Hut and she got chicken strips while I had a pizza. She also helped me finish off my breadsticks. She’s so good in the car, it’s nice. Mostly she just lays down because even laying down she can still look out the window.

Oh. My shower broke. On my second day! The shower head just fell off in my hand. Ugh. I called the management company but they took so long to call back that I just went to Target and bought a new shower head. I like it better anyways because the old one was attached to a hand-held shower, so it was a lot lower. It’s a nice shower!

Now for today. As I’m getting my makeup on this morning, the old homeowner came by. She is super sweet and just wanted to check if I had any questions about anything, told me a bit about the neighborhood, and gave me great shopping ideas. She also told me not to take I-30 into work, and gave me an alternate route. I just got done driving that route. It takes me through downtown, then on to my work. Wasn’t too bad; took me about 30 minutes. Then when I was by my work, I saw the name of a street that I remembered seeing in my neighborhood also. When I checked my handy-dandy phone, sure enough it is the same street. So I took that way home, and… OMG. I ran into a shopping plaza that had the likes of Hermes, Escada, Jimmy Choo… wow. It was phenomenal. They probably won’t even let me into the stores, but I just HAVE to go back. It was too fun just driving around the parking lot. They do have a small movie theatre there, so that gives me a great reason to return... J you should have seen the CARS in the parking lot! Range Rovers, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus… over and over and over. Wow. Just, wow. So, jump back to my story and the Mockingbird trip took the same amount of time as the trip through downtown, but I liked it better. Tomorrow I’m going to drive it during rush hour, at the time I think I have to leave my house to get to work on time to see how that goes. I’m sure it’ll take just a little longer because the road really didn’t seem like it would get too bad. Not too many lights or turn-offs to highways or anything. Maybe 45 minutes? I’ll let you know tomorrow!

I found a library. Not too far from my house, so I’ll try to get there tomorrow afternoon to post all of this. It’s getting to be a bit much. I’m already on 4 pages on my computer, I’m sure it will be overwhelming on the blog. Oh, well. I’m sitting on my bed and about to pop a movie in. I definitely feel like I need a nap today, but we’ll see if I stay awake during the movie first. I’m not going to uncle George and Aunt Toni’s house today—went Monday, went last night, and am going tomorrow. They sent me home with so much food though, I have to start eating it out of my cooler soon. I’m afraid it’s not cold enough in there for food to last long; good thing my furniture, including fridge, will be here in a week.

5:35 pm

I'm sitting in the library now. Yay for them being open until 8pm! If I need it before I get to work, like for the rest of this week, I'll just come here. Oh, and I already tried to hack into it from the parking lot but it didn't work for some reason. ANYways... this will definitely do for now. it's a nice library. small, but i don't need much. and on the way to... SHOPPING. yep. i'm about to go do a little shopping. what else am i supposed to do while i'm sitting here in a new town and not working yet? For reals though, i have to get a few more things to wear at work. i've probably got one or two good weeks' worth of clothing, but like any girl, i need more clothes. Brian just called from Iraq. it was nice to get to talk to him, if only for a little bit. his phone cut out so it was a short call with an abrupt ending. in any case, i'm out. i need to go to bed a little early today because tomorrow i'm trying the route to work during rush hour to see how it goes. yay for having a purpose. i so wish i was in arkansas though. last night clint went to the jason mraz concert and i was uber jealous. i love jason mraz and would have loved to see him in concert. i think he said plain white t's opened? anyways, it would have been nice. okay, okay. i'm really off to shop this time. hopefully i'll hear from you guys soon!

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  1. Glad you're finding your way around. I can't wait to come shopping, although I seriously doubt Hermes and Jimmy Choo will let me in either...


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