Saturday, April 4, 2009

it's been a while

I thought it'd been much longer than it has been, but I still think it's been too long since my last blog. Anyways, just a little update. None of the houses have worked out so far, so my *new* realtor (who is actually living in Dallas and has been GREAT at showing me houses only in good neighborhoods) is still looking for me. She sent a bunch of nice ones yesterday, and here are two that I'm looking at:

This one is a house, a little farther from work-- hardwood floors throughout the house, but carpet in bedrooms. nice size, separate garage, new everything basically. but no pictures of the kitchen. it's cute with it's front red door. it's about 13 miles (I think) from work, would take probably a half hour to drive in. downside: it's a bit more expensive than i was hoping to pay.

This one is a duplex, has a deck and hardwood in the whole house, covered parking, cute kitchen, and is only THREE MILES from work. that means coming home on lunch break to eat and let the dogs out. that means getting a bike and taking it into work. phenomenal. downside: it does not have central air. it does, however, have window air units and for the cheaper price and distance to work i could deal.

I'm waiting to hear back from the realtor hopefully this weekend, monday at the latest; she's checking on whether they'll let bella live there. unfortunately, having a big dog means getting special permission for her to live there. one of them lists that pets are allowed with approval, and the other lists that pets are allowed except for rots and pits. i hope one of these works out. they both have their good and bad things, so i'm sure whatever is supposed to happen will. seeing as i'm down to three weeks until i leave, i'm starting to get a bit worried about having an address when i move there. i have friends and family that have offered me to live there, but i hate feeling like i'm imposing-- plus i'd have to board bella until i found a place and i hate to do that, even if i can visit her daily. it sucks for her.

well, keep up the prayers for my house. and while you're at it, pray for morgan's mom, who is still not in the clear from her heart surgery this week. pray for her family, that they can be kept as calm through this as God will let them, knowing that He is in charge of us all.

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  1. Um, I hope for you that you can find a place with Central H/A because honey, summer is probably already starting in Texas and lasts until about November. :P I guess though, if it's small enough, window units will work. I just hate the thought of spending summer in Texas without a constant blast of A/C on.


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