Sunday, April 26, 2009

a new life starts tomorrow

let me start this by saying just how "not-real" it feels to be moving tomorrow. like, maybe i'm going on vacation? or just another day at work? but i can't be moving to another state... can i? well, the fact that all of my posessions are in boxes and i don't even have a bed to sleep on tonight should be a good indication. yes. tomorrow i move to dallas. in honor of my life here in arkansas, i thought i'd tell you some of the things that i'll miss most, in random order.

* walking down an old county road at dusk to return a shovel to my neighbor, and stopping to pet a horse on the way.

* the way that "green" smells.

* how polite people in the south are. you all may complain about rude people, if you're from here, but live up north for a while and you will see a noticible difference.

* leann. for serious. what other kind of friend would clean your house before her own? or would agree to come and finish up things at your house, while you're already in dallas? not many. you rock my world, girl. come visit soon.

* that my neighbor here came running to check if bella was okay when she saw her out in the neighborhood.

* the terms i have learned. of course, i can't think of many while i'm here thinking about it, but all of the -isms that i've heard here. you guys crack me up.

* going into walmart at ~1pm on a sunday (PRIME walmart time) to get only two bags of mulch... and NOT HAVING TO WAIT IN LINE!

* knowing people who know someone who does something that i need.

* mr slaughter, the septic man. if you EVER have septic problems, look him up. he was such a nice man, reasonable in price, and so sweet. he must be from around here :-)

* the way everyone is related to everyone. serious. my next door neighbor is the uncle of a guy i work with. our secretary is the mom to a guy i work with, who's married to someone who goes to church with someone we work with and the fill-in secretary has a husband, who has a cousin, who is married to the step-daughter of a guy i work with. it's almost creepy. do you all check family trees before you start dating?

* being able to see the stars at night. i'm totally a city girl, but i do admit i will very much miss sitting in my back yard and being able to see what seems like every star god created. amazing.

i'm off to watch the latest episode of grey's online before i go to bed. i'm going to try to get an early start tomorrow, out of here by 8 at the latest, so we'll see how well i stick to it. keep in touch. and stay tuned. i'll totally be back on here often. especially with the move and starting a new job.

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  1. *tears* You rock my world, too. I'll definitely be down to see you before too long. *hugs*


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