Tuesday, April 21, 2009

quick update

well, i'm sure being productive lately. i just finished scraping the ceiling in the hallway and even without painting, it looks better. my arms are too tired to paint just yet, so i'm going to pack a bit more. i'm getting really close to being done packing, too. i'm starting to put things in suitcases-- that's a big deal because the suitcases are coming with me in the escape, so it's the last of what i'm packing. i also did a little more of the mulch stuff, and put up new border in the back bathroom. i must say, i'm pretty good at doing this all fast when i have to! oh, wait. i forgot to tell you that i got electrocuted. for reals. just a bit, but BOY did my heart feel it. i might have just saved a surgery to get my SVT back on track. ha. i'm happy that i have a few days still. i am not going to finish the mulch today, mainly because i don't want to leave the house to go get more. also because of the painting. so here's the list of what i still need to do:

put the couch cushion cases in the washer to freshen them before the trip (and by freshen i mean remove the dog smell)

finish packing

paint hallway

touch-up paint in bathroom

wash walls, baseboards

finish the mulch out front

get utilities set up in the new house

get todd's dad to fix the back bathroom sink

schedule carpet replacement. ugh

and i'm pretty sure that's about it. that's not so bad. it seems like a fair amount, but it will go quickly. for instance, the mulch i can probably finish in two hours (or less), after work on thursday.
well, that's enough of me "wasting time" on this blog. time to go back to working. wait. before i go, guess what i found in my flower bed out front this morning? are you ready? an asparagus spear. for reals. growing in my flower bed. just one, which was odd, but it was beautiful and perfect to be picked for eating. too bad it's coming up now and not two years ago when i bought the place. where did it come from, anyways? they can't just pop up, can they? oh well. it's not there anymore.

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  1. Um, that's really weird about the asparagus. I mean, really bizarre.

    Hey, you're making headway. YAY!


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