Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, my job was relatively stress-free before (how many have heard me say i have the best job ever), but lately it's been even better. besides the senioritis. i have two more weeks of work before i move to dallas, and i hardly care about much here! it actually feels great!

I'm listening to Francesca Battistelli. i really like her. my current favorite song of hers is Someday Soon. google it or something.

i'm slightly disappointed in mcdonald's and their coffee. i'm a faithful customer, and get a nonfat caramel latte (almost) daily. for the past three days, there has been grit in the bottom of the cup. NOT a nice way to finish coffee. plus, i feel like i'm not getting my money's worth. first of all, they don't fill it up to the top, and second, there's about 1/2 inch of coffee in the bottom that i can't even drink because of the grit. ugh.

i have decided that tonight i have to work on my flower bed out front. my super friend leann is helping me. i couldn't pick whether we are painting or doing the flower bed, and since my landscaper came two days ago (that makes me sound spoiled) and cleaned up the flower beds, i need to cover it with plastic and mulch before weeds start coming up again. i can paint any day. i will probably paint on the 16th. or the following weekend.

i'm going to memphis this weekend. the boy got suite tickets to the minor-league memphis baseball team for the saturday game and i'm pretty stoked. i love baseball-- no, i love live baseball. it's boring on the tv.

today, i'm not even on the schedule for work. i've got my music up real loud (yay for itunes party shuffle) and my bible open to work on my bible study. life is good. when i was almost waking up this morning, like when the dog nudges me at 4am and i just grumble at her to get back to sleep, i very much thought it was saturday. seriously. my first thought was "man, i'm so glad it's the weekend". turns out it doesn't matter much because i plan on watching a movie (the changeling) and reading more of my book (enemy women) today. at work. awesome.

what else? i need to drink more water. i've been so thirsty lately. i almost called this blog "thirsty thursday" because i'm craving water. or milk. or juice. i'm just so thirsty! maybe i've got pancreas problems. or maybe i just haven't been drinking enough lately.

i've also had a hard time lately with "lay" and "lie". i guess i never really knew the difference, but my email and word have been trying to correct me recently, and i hate changing it to what it suggests because, well, it just doesn't sound right. now, if facebook tells me to change something, i'll change it. facebook is law, remember? ha.

i looked cute last night. i straightened my hair and did my makeup and wore a cute top. singles were supposed to go to see morgan's mom last night and i didn't want to go in my t-shirt and ballcap, so i got pretty instead. turns out we didn't go at all. didn't matter. the boy told me i was having a "pretty face day". he seriously said that. actually, he added the word hair in there somewhere. like he thought my face and hair were pretty last night. i don't know if i should take that as a compliment, or what to think of it. i thought i always had "pretty face days" when i was with him!

there's my thursday thoughts.


  1. So, I take it we're doing mulch stuff today? Fine with me! I need to get out in the good weather and do a little bit of manual labor.

    Why didn't y'all go see Ms. Carol? I think you always have pretty face days. Maybe you were just extra pretty last night. Maburn always says to me, "You smell pretty (sounds like "pritty")."

    And I'm an English major and I still have problems with "lay" and "lie". Sometimes "lie" just doesn't sound right.

  2. THANK YOU for always thinking i have pretty face days! you are a phenomenal person!


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