Friday, May 29, 2009


So, on the way to work today, I was really distracted. The other day, I watched the movie Elf and have been pondering it for some time now. Remember that scene where they are ice skating, and Buddy leans down to kiss the girl on the cheek (is her name Jovy? That's so weird)? She replies with "you missed" (one of my favorite movies- one of my least favorite lines) then they kiss on the lips. Well, Buddy acts like he's a five-year old. He's just too odd to even THINK about kissing. THEN, in the end of the movie, Buddy and Jovy have a baby. A BABY! ...when two people love each other very much, they hold hands and the girl gets pregnant. Because I know they couldn't have made that baby the natural way. No one but a girl elf would sleep with Buddy, and that might be akward in a few ways. So, that was my rant. Since it's been bugging me for a while, thought I'd get it out.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Few Things

I'm having a busy day. Trying to stay that way until my training class, which is all afternoon. I'm sure it won't be hard.

I had an AWESOME weekend. Like if awesome was a triple layer chocolate fudge cake, I just ate it. All of it. I am going to post pics hopefully tomorrow on facebook. Clint's gotta get his copies to me so that I can have just one big album for us both of each day. We were go go go all weekend, so now I feel like I need a vacation from my three-day weekend!

Anyways, that's it. For now. More tomorrow when I have some pictures.

Highlight of the weekend: buying a Derek Jeter shirt at a Texas Rangers game. suhweet.

Friday, May 22, 2009


On the way to work, two things happened.

First, I forgot where I was. Seriously. I was driving to work the way I always drive to work, and suddenly it’s like a fog came over my eyes and I was lost. I honestly thought I was in… wait for it… wait for it… Belize. For real! Give me a break. It was just dawn, so the light was bad. Also, there weren’t many cars on the road and… actually, looking back on it, it was silly. Really silly. But there were few cars on the road, and I came upon a gas station that looked… oh, nevermind.

Second, I designed cars of the future. Stick with me. So, since we’re all so worried about gas and everything, cars will soon run on magnets. Really really big magnets. You will have a large magnet instead of an engine, but you’ll have a small electric engine for when you don’t have magnet access (for instance, your driveway). Then, there are magnets that go pretty fast (and they can, because they totally control your car so you can’t get into accidents or anything) and take you where you need to go (via the GPS you just programmed in your car). Period. Oh, I’ve thought of things like intersections that don’t meet, rather, one goes on top and one goes below. We’ll have to work out the details in things like turns, but since it’s all computer-controlled, I don’t think we have a problem with that. You’ll just hop onto another magnet track, kinda like trains switch tracks.

I. Am. Awesome. I’ll share my millions with you when this idea makes it big.


Yesterday morning, a married man (yes, I’m at that stage in my life where I look at their left hands before I look at their face) told me he liked my accessories. It was funny, here’s the conversation:

Married Man: “I like your accessories”
Me: “Thanks, I really like accessories”
MM: (got weirdly flustered) “You know what I mean…”
Me: (smiles and gets on the elevator with him. Hits 3rd floor button. Gets off elevator.) “Have a good day”
MM: “You too!” (smiling. Wait, stop smiling. Stare at shoes.)

At work, I smelled something really good. It was lavender-vanilla Febreeze Air Effects. It smelled so good, I used it as perfume. Yes, I did.

THEN, on the way home yesterday, I saw a 100-yr old woman dressed like she was going to have dinner with The Queen, weeding her garden. Followed by a 100-yr old alligator snapping turtle crossing the road (why did the turtle cross the road?....). Followed by a white-boy fro that would make any black man jealous.

I love Dallas.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


okay. i got a call late last night that the moving truck had broken down at bible study. thankfully, it wasn't loaded yet. a mechanic was there and couldn't fix it so they sent a new truck to james and anita-- and it got there at about midnight. so eeeaaaarly this morning, they loaded up the truck, and left sheridan at 8 instead of 4 like they wanted to. i so pray that nothing else goes wrong with this trip for them! i feel like they were offering to help then things just break down! ugh. anyways, i've been given the task of finding an appliance dolly or one that has a 600lb limit before they get here. so i decided to come in to work to find it, and to come to this meeting that i didn't want to miss anyways. i'm sure things will go fine. i'm just reading some SOPs before the meeting, then grabbing a dolly from here to borrow also, then going home. i need to sweep and mop some areas before furniture is placed.

oh and something about this computer makes my blogger homepage show up different. it's a little frustrating.

my uncle joined facebook last night! he wanted to know what all the hype was about so i helped him. too funny.