Thursday, May 7, 2009


okay. i got a call late last night that the moving truck had broken down at bible study. thankfully, it wasn't loaded yet. a mechanic was there and couldn't fix it so they sent a new truck to james and anita-- and it got there at about midnight. so eeeaaaarly this morning, they loaded up the truck, and left sheridan at 8 instead of 4 like they wanted to. i so pray that nothing else goes wrong with this trip for them! i feel like they were offering to help then things just break down! ugh. anyways, i've been given the task of finding an appliance dolly or one that has a 600lb limit before they get here. so i decided to come in to work to find it, and to come to this meeting that i didn't want to miss anyways. i'm sure things will go fine. i'm just reading some SOPs before the meeting, then grabbing a dolly from here to borrow also, then going home. i need to sweep and mop some areas before furniture is placed.

oh and something about this computer makes my blogger homepage show up different. it's a little frustrating.

my uncle joined facebook last night! he wanted to know what all the hype was about so i helped him. too funny.

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  1. Glad they got another truck so soon! That could have been a huge disaster.

    SOPs are my specialty. We have SO many around here and lucky me, I get to write/update them.


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