Friday, May 22, 2009


On the way to work, two things happened.

First, I forgot where I was. Seriously. I was driving to work the way I always drive to work, and suddenly it’s like a fog came over my eyes and I was lost. I honestly thought I was in… wait for it… wait for it… Belize. For real! Give me a break. It was just dawn, so the light was bad. Also, there weren’t many cars on the road and… actually, looking back on it, it was silly. Really silly. But there were few cars on the road, and I came upon a gas station that looked… oh, nevermind.

Second, I designed cars of the future. Stick with me. So, since we’re all so worried about gas and everything, cars will soon run on magnets. Really really big magnets. You will have a large magnet instead of an engine, but you’ll have a small electric engine for when you don’t have magnet access (for instance, your driveway). Then, there are magnets that go pretty fast (and they can, because they totally control your car so you can’t get into accidents or anything) and take you where you need to go (via the GPS you just programmed in your car). Period. Oh, I’ve thought of things like intersections that don’t meet, rather, one goes on top and one goes below. We’ll have to work out the details in things like turns, but since it’s all computer-controlled, I don’t think we have a problem with that. You’ll just hop onto another magnet track, kinda like trains switch tracks.

I. Am. Awesome. I’ll share my millions with you when this idea makes it big.

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  1. You think too much. Haha. I like it.

    Have you ever seen Minority Report? It's a futuristic story by Philip K. Dick (famed sci-fi author...I know, I'm such a nerd) and the cars in the movie run on some sort of conveyor belt with what I'm assuming to be magnets.


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