Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday morning, a married man (yes, I’m at that stage in my life where I look at their left hands before I look at their face) told me he liked my accessories. It was funny, here’s the conversation:

Married Man: “I like your accessories”
Me: “Thanks, I really like accessories”
MM: (got weirdly flustered) “You know what I mean…”
Me: (smiles and gets on the elevator with him. Hits 3rd floor button. Gets off elevator.) “Have a good day”
MM: “You too!” (smiling. Wait, stop smiling. Stare at shoes.)

At work, I smelled something really good. It was lavender-vanilla Febreeze Air Effects. It smelled so good, I used it as perfume. Yes, I did.

THEN, on the way home yesterday, I saw a 100-yr old woman dressed like she was going to have dinner with The Queen, weeding her garden. Followed by a 100-yr old alligator snapping turtle crossing the road (why did the turtle cross the road?....). Followed by a white-boy fro that would make any black man jealous.

I love Dallas.


  1. Aw, you embarrassed Mister Married Man. That's cute.

  2. And I'm STILL laughing at that last paragraph that you sent as a text last night. That's awesome.


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