Monday, June 29, 2009

my views (expectations?) on love

This one doesn't need too much. I have strong views on love and it comes down to a sort of what-i-expect-in-my-love-life-in-the-(near?)-future.

  1. you shouldn't be with someone because you're comfortable with them, you should be with them because it hurts not to be with them.
  2. there should never-- NEVER-- be an "if" when it comes to love: "IF you'll do this, I will love you...", "IF you love me, you'll do this..."
  3. it shouldn't be difficult for you to spend time together.
  4. you don't always have to like each other, but you will always love each other.
  5. one person in the relationship should never try to bring the other person down. Your job, as a couple, is to build each other up and support each other.

I could go into a lot more details, but that'll do for now. And my guess is, now that it's all laid out there, it lowers my chances of finding someone. Just how the world goes...

Friday, June 26, 2009

texting is fun. the end.

Here are some of my favorite entries from textsfromlastnight:

(406): Dude michael jackson died, guess he's not 'stayin aliveee' any longer.
(1-406): Uh dude that wasn't a michael jackson song it was the BGs

(847): Update from family reunion: my aunt Janet once got her legs stuck behind her head. The fire department had to be called.

(303): Marriage: a sacred union between one man and one woman, and another woman in Argentina.

(904): Drunk in a bar in Texas. The 24 y/o hottie I am chatting up just called me a male cougar. I am dealing with this whole turning 40 thing juuuust fine.

(503): when did we get to this "texting at random" level on friendship?

(281): so now she's a stripper
(1-281): can't say i'm surprised

(323): Don't be mad at me. I know peeing in your drawer is 1 thing and peeing on you while you're sleeping is another, but im sorry..i love you

And now some text convos from me and my friends:

(June 18)
Me: It's so weird to hear r pat with that British accent. I think I'm gonna watch twi tonight now
Leann: Haha. I luv the accent.
Me: Ugh. You know that one accent is one of my biggest turnoffs. I'm just gonna remember his sparkling accent
Leann: I don't know why you have such a problem with it. Can't be any worse than Canadians...or Minnesota-ans. Haha.
Me: I'd waaaay prefer a Canadian!
Leann: Bleck. And how can you like shakespeare and not be able to stand brit accents?
Me: I've been trying to think of an answer to give you and... I got nuthin'

(June 23)
Me: Just saw your IKEA commercial! Yaaaaay
Mansa: I love it! What u Watching?
Me: Americas got talent. U?
Mansa: I'm playing my warcraft game. AGT huh... Do we?
Me: Meh... Not particularly.. Brittain's got more.
Mansa: LOL! @!&/! They even Got the cool accents.
Me: Argh! You and my friend Leann! That's my LEAST favorite accent ever!
Mansa:Whatever! They have the best. Which one do you like?
Me: Ummm... Don't laugh. Canadian.
Mansa: WHAT! They sound like we do...
Me: No! Instead of "about", it's "aboat". I love it! and they end everything with "eh"
Mansa: Ugh. That's just bad pronunciation. Not an accent.

(June 23)
Me: Mansa just said Brits have the best accent and when I said I liked canadians he said we aren't friends anymore :-P
Leann: I like him already.
Me: Temp highs: 100-104 for the next 4 days, and that doesn't count the heat index... FYI
Leann: Ugh. I might burn up like a non-Twilight vamp.
Me: Heh heh. Yeah, Twi vamps couldn't stand all this sun either.
Leann: That's true. If I was like Vampire Bill, I'd be committing suicide!
Erin: I've got to read that!
Leann: Bill is dreamy. And his body is 30yo. :) hubba hubba.
Me: (insert wolf-whistle here)
Leann: Haha. Speaking of wolves...did you see the new cover of the New Moon paperback? Wowzers. I'm having my Team Edward status challenged by that 17yo's hotness.
Me: *GASP* I never want to hear that again. Way worse than liking Canadians!
Leann: Just sayin'. Go look! Those arms are flippin' amazing.
Me: Oh. My. Warewolf. I agree in the hottness, but I have an allegiance to the Cullens.
Leann: Oh, I know. But...he's nice to oggle!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I mowed the lawn in ungodly heat last night. then I came in and showered. I hate my hair in the morning, if I've showered at night. The curls stick up every-which-way, and the only cure is a pony-tail. Well, I'd read in a magazine that in order to get those pretty, smooth curls that are like real thick ringlets, loose curls, you have to take sections of your hair and twist them real tight, then pin them to your head and sleep overnight. Not a problem. I did it after my shower, and after my hair had air-dried a bit. it looked cute all pinned up like that (wish I'd taken a pic so you could see. sorta old-school. and I mean like early 40s old-school). Well, this morning I woke up and unpinned them. they came down and I then had like 8 or 9 tight spirals from the twisting. Sooo... I'm going to run my fingers through them to loosen them just a bit. Looks like it's going to be great.

Apparently this procedure is not to be used with people who have naturally curly hair. After the first finger-run, I knew something was going wrong. After I ran my fingers through the whole of it, I took a picture of it and am now sharing it with you.

I had to shower again and now my hair looks normal again. Enjoy. I hope this starts your day off with a laugh.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a little (more) about me

Corn is my absolute favoritest vegetable in. the. world. Sometimes I sit down to dinner with a whole can of creamed corn for dinner (sorry, mom!).

If there's something I really want to do, sometimes I'll just tell people I do it. It's not lying, it's motivation. Like, if I need to drink more water, I tell people I already drink a lot. I think it works.

I do my grocery shopping on the outer edges of the store, where all the fresh breads and meats and veggies are. I only venture into the middle when it's necessary.

I'd really like to be one of those girls who gets their nails done, but I bite mine too much to even get it started... so I buy like $3 stick-ons from Wal-Mart and always get tons of compliments when I do that!

One of my favorite things in the world is smells. Let me be a little more specific-- good smells. I like a fresh-cleaned smell, and new shampoo, and turning the corner to a surprise whiff of fresh blossoms on a tree.

It seems to take me a while to get attached to girlfriends. I really cherish my dear friends because it was not easy for me to get them in the first place.

That'll do for now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Super (NOT supper)

So, what's been going on, you ask? Well, this super guy and I had a not-so-super falling out. Well, a sort-of falling out. It's become super complicated and I'm super confused and wish things would become one-way-or-the-other. And I know that I can actually talk about that on this one because I'm about 94% positive that he will never read this again. I guess, if he does, I don't want to know about it. So, super guy, if you read this, don't tell me so that I can continue to talk about you in the future. kthanxbye.

I had a super weekend. The drive wasn't bad, the wedding was super gorgeous with its chocolate brown and magenta pink (and I thought I wasn't a "pink" girl). Why the heck does "wasn't" keep getting underlined in this post? It's a real word, isn't it? grrrrr.

ANYwhooo... I was super excited to see Leann and MK for a night, and hang out with them before and at the wedding. Also went to a super arena football game, where in this one super play, the game ball got thrown into my part of the stands. Correction: not just into my part of the stands, but directly towards my head. Not so super when I'm not used to thinking so fast. Moral of the story: the big girl can fight for the ball, too. Super.

I was super excited to see my doggies when I got home, but... wait for it... wait for it... they could have cared LESS!! Darn Mansa wore out my dogs so they just wanted to sleep. It was bittersweet. I wanted them to lovelovelove me, but I was super excited to have a chance to unpack and stuff without them jumping and being all nose-y (not nosey, but nose-y. As in putting their noses all up in my biznatch).

I want to do Goodwill. Like the store. I absolutely heart Lauren's blog and it gives me such ideas. I saw super painted frames in the bathroom, and I totally want something like that-- would be great in my decorator-denied bedroom. It definitely needs some sprucing. Or an extreme room makeover. Do you think you have to have a terminal illness, or adopt a dozen orphans to just get a room redone? hmmm...

I also want to define my style more. I so heart people who have love for all things fashion. I have potential, don't get me wrong, but I think I've got to start with my hair. And that's tough, because I think my hair is super. It's long and thick and brown and healthy and naturally curly, but not too curly... but... I dunno. I need ideas here. I wonder if I could do hats... I already lurv scarves. I have approximately a gross in my closet. Okay, slight overexaggeration. Slight.

Well, that's all for now. I have a lot more stuff to write about that is a bit deeper, but I'm not in the mood to think about it that hard yet. Maybe tomorrow.
Later, gater.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay. Yesterday I got some news, and I"m not sure if it gave me butterflies in my stomach, or if it made me nauseous. Still trying to process things. It was just a bit overwhelming and I didn't (don't?) know what to say or do.

I also got an iPhone. Seriously. I came from blackberry, so I was worried about a few things. Long story short: I. Love. It.

I also love Leann, even if our twitters and gmails and facebooks use different apps now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday Morning

Okay. I heart Pandora Radio. So much, in fact, that I finally downloaded it on my phone and listen to it on there (when the charger is close-- it seriously depletes the battery. only "ugh"). Anyways, I also like how you can look at what your friends are listening to. Leann helps me find new stations that way, and she doesn't even know it (Cat Power? Elliott Smith? thx.). This morning, Chandra's listening to The Lion King soundtrack (?) and Miley Cyrus. She's a mom, but I really think those are just for her, knowing Chandra the way I do. Awesome. Me? Franz Liszt, Jimmy Needham, and Jon McLaughlin are my currently-most-played stations.

Last night, I went to a *free* Chris Tomlin concert. Let me repeat that. A FREE CHRIS TOMLIN CONCERT. Turns out, he's like a friend of the church or something. Serious. So, when we have our 30th anniversary week celebration, the teaching pastor is in charge of it. He calls up Chris, and I imagine the conversation went something like this:

TP: Dude!
CT: Dude!
TP: Hey man, it's been a long time! What're you doing this Sunday?
CT: Well, I'm in the middle of my world tour, but I could *totally* free up my schedule for you, man!
TP: That'd be great. I've got an idea. Let's keep it a secret from everyone but this church, so it's a small group, and you can just do a suh-weet mini-concert for them.
CT: I'd love to! But instead of a mini-concert, I'll be up there for two hours. Think they'll mind?
TP: Not at all. Dude. That's awesome. I totally love your hair and wish I could pull off the Sting-ish look you do.
CT: Heh heh. You've got to check out this fabulous stylist I found. I totally bought her and she travels with me to all my shows now.
TP: When I grow up, I want to afford a traveling hair stylist.
CT: Man, I'll just buy one for you.
TP: Awesome. See you soon, brutha.
CT: Later, gater.

Okay, maybe not *quite* like that, but close. Anyways, I went there around 5:30 with some new friends (I use that term loosely) from church and stayed until after 10:30. Plus it was pitch black leaving the concert and I wish I'd brought a flashlight. Anyways, it was great. There's a ton of songs at this church that I love, but don't recognize. Well, turns out you wouldn't recognize the songs no matter where you came from, because Chris writes songs just for this church. Like woah. See, I'm not kidding when I say he's a friend of this church. Dude, I sing Chris Tomlin originals that you've never heard. Cool.

So, I got home really late, then there's this whole, I have to get ready for bed and everything. So I'm thinking how bad it's going to suck to only get 5½ hrs of sleep, because I'm meeting Mansa for the train at like dark-thirty in the morning. Hey, at least I set my alarm on my coffee so it would start automatically, because I forgot to set my real alarm. So I woke up when I was supposed to be meeting him, called, and... he did the same thing. Exact. So I wasn't in trouble or anything. :-D

I've got a lazy week, at least compared to my last week. Last week was busting at the seams busy. This week, I've got two whole days that I don't have any meetings at all. I'm thrilled. Plus I need to do things like clean my house. Oh, on Wednesday, I'm going to Shakespeare in the Park, with some new friends (see previous disclaimer on the use of that word in this blog), for free. If I haven't said I love Dallas recently, I do. I really like it here.

but i miss people in arkansas still.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When did I become and adult?

I change out of my "good clothes" when I get home.

I have a mortgage AND a rent payment (thanks, economy).

I "tsk" when I see things that kids these days wear.

A 40-year old man looks a lot more attractive than a 20-year old.

I'd rather go to a bar after work than to a club on a Friday night.

I'm finally really ready to get married and start a family.

I love hanging out with my parents and my brother.

Car payment, credit cards, mortgage, rent, cell phone, dog vet bills, new carpet for house, groceries... I couldn't afford to be young now.

I would much rather come home and cook something healthy than stopping for fast food.

I use facebook for the communication features, not for the quizzes and games (saw you were on sorority life last night, so just had to mention that, Leann)