Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday Morning

Okay. I heart Pandora Radio. So much, in fact, that I finally downloaded it on my phone and listen to it on there (when the charger is close-- it seriously depletes the battery. only "ugh"). Anyways, I also like how you can look at what your friends are listening to. Leann helps me find new stations that way, and she doesn't even know it (Cat Power? Elliott Smith? thx.). This morning, Chandra's listening to The Lion King soundtrack (?) and Miley Cyrus. She's a mom, but I really think those are just for her, knowing Chandra the way I do. Awesome. Me? Franz Liszt, Jimmy Needham, and Jon McLaughlin are my currently-most-played stations.

Last night, I went to a *free* Chris Tomlin concert. Let me repeat that. A FREE CHRIS TOMLIN CONCERT. Turns out, he's like a friend of the church or something. Serious. So, when we have our 30th anniversary week celebration, the teaching pastor is in charge of it. He calls up Chris, and I imagine the conversation went something like this:

TP: Dude!
CT: Dude!
TP: Hey man, it's been a long time! What're you doing this Sunday?
CT: Well, I'm in the middle of my world tour, but I could *totally* free up my schedule for you, man!
TP: That'd be great. I've got an idea. Let's keep it a secret from everyone but this church, so it's a small group, and you can just do a suh-weet mini-concert for them.
CT: I'd love to! But instead of a mini-concert, I'll be up there for two hours. Think they'll mind?
TP: Not at all. Dude. That's awesome. I totally love your hair and wish I could pull off the Sting-ish look you do.
CT: Heh heh. You've got to check out this fabulous stylist I found. I totally bought her and she travels with me to all my shows now.
TP: When I grow up, I want to afford a traveling hair stylist.
CT: Man, I'll just buy one for you.
TP: Awesome. See you soon, brutha.
CT: Later, gater.

Okay, maybe not *quite* like that, but close. Anyways, I went there around 5:30 with some new friends (I use that term loosely) from church and stayed until after 10:30. Plus it was pitch black leaving the concert and I wish I'd brought a flashlight. Anyways, it was great. There's a ton of songs at this church that I love, but don't recognize. Well, turns out you wouldn't recognize the songs no matter where you came from, because Chris writes songs just for this church. Like woah. See, I'm not kidding when I say he's a friend of this church. Dude, I sing Chris Tomlin originals that you've never heard. Cool.

So, I got home really late, then there's this whole, I have to get ready for bed and everything. So I'm thinking how bad it's going to suck to only get 5½ hrs of sleep, because I'm meeting Mansa for the train at like dark-thirty in the morning. Hey, at least I set my alarm on my coffee so it would start automatically, because I forgot to set my real alarm. So I woke up when I was supposed to be meeting him, called, and... he did the same thing. Exact. So I wasn't in trouble or anything. :-D

I've got a lazy week, at least compared to my last week. Last week was busting at the seams busy. This week, I've got two whole days that I don't have any meetings at all. I'm thrilled. Plus I need to do things like clean my house. Oh, on Wednesday, I'm going to Shakespeare in the Park, with some new friends (see previous disclaimer on the use of that word in this blog), for free. If I haven't said I love Dallas recently, I do. I really like it here.

but i miss people in arkansas still.

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  1. Um, Chris Tomlin AND Shakespeare int he Park? I officially hate you. I feel like the country bumpkin sister that got left behind while her cooler sister goes off and experiences the world. *sadness*

    But srsly, so happy for you. And I LOL'ed (just for you) at that convo scenario.


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