Monday, June 29, 2009

my views (expectations?) on love

This one doesn't need too much. I have strong views on love and it comes down to a sort of what-i-expect-in-my-love-life-in-the-(near?)-future.

  1. you shouldn't be with someone because you're comfortable with them, you should be with them because it hurts not to be with them.
  2. there should never-- NEVER-- be an "if" when it comes to love: "IF you'll do this, I will love you...", "IF you love me, you'll do this..."
  3. it shouldn't be difficult for you to spend time together.
  4. you don't always have to like each other, but you will always love each other.
  5. one person in the relationship should never try to bring the other person down. Your job, as a couple, is to build each other up and support each other.

I could go into a lot more details, but that'll do for now. And my guess is, now that it's all laid out there, it lowers my chances of finding someone. Just how the world goes...

1 comment:

  1. I think it better to stand your ground rather than settle, even if it does minimize the number of suitors.


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