Thursday, June 25, 2009


I mowed the lawn in ungodly heat last night. then I came in and showered. I hate my hair in the morning, if I've showered at night. The curls stick up every-which-way, and the only cure is a pony-tail. Well, I'd read in a magazine that in order to get those pretty, smooth curls that are like real thick ringlets, loose curls, you have to take sections of your hair and twist them real tight, then pin them to your head and sleep overnight. Not a problem. I did it after my shower, and after my hair had air-dried a bit. it looked cute all pinned up like that (wish I'd taken a pic so you could see. sorta old-school. and I mean like early 40s old-school). Well, this morning I woke up and unpinned them. they came down and I then had like 8 or 9 tight spirals from the twisting. Sooo... I'm going to run my fingers through them to loosen them just a bit. Looks like it's going to be great.

Apparently this procedure is not to be used with people who have naturally curly hair. After the first finger-run, I knew something was going wrong. After I ran my fingers through the whole of it, I took a picture of it and am now sharing it with you.

I had to shower again and now my hair looks normal again. Enjoy. I hope this starts your day off with a laugh.

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  1. Per your request:

    OH MY JEBUS! That is the most AWESOME picture I've ever seen. Thank you for brightening my day at your expense. It started out crappy but that cheered me up a little bit.

    Sorry for laughing, but that's just too amazing not to!!!

    You rock my face off.


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