Friday, June 26, 2009

texting is fun. the end.

Here are some of my favorite entries from textsfromlastnight:

(406): Dude michael jackson died, guess he's not 'stayin aliveee' any longer.
(1-406): Uh dude that wasn't a michael jackson song it was the BGs

(847): Update from family reunion: my aunt Janet once got her legs stuck behind her head. The fire department had to be called.

(303): Marriage: a sacred union between one man and one woman, and another woman in Argentina.

(904): Drunk in a bar in Texas. The 24 y/o hottie I am chatting up just called me a male cougar. I am dealing with this whole turning 40 thing juuuust fine.

(503): when did we get to this "texting at random" level on friendship?

(281): so now she's a stripper
(1-281): can't say i'm surprised

(323): Don't be mad at me. I know peeing in your drawer is 1 thing and peeing on you while you're sleeping is another, but im sorry..i love you

And now some text convos from me and my friends:

(June 18)
Me: It's so weird to hear r pat with that British accent. I think I'm gonna watch twi tonight now
Leann: Haha. I luv the accent.
Me: Ugh. You know that one accent is one of my biggest turnoffs. I'm just gonna remember his sparkling accent
Leann: I don't know why you have such a problem with it. Can't be any worse than Canadians...or Minnesota-ans. Haha.
Me: I'd waaaay prefer a Canadian!
Leann: Bleck. And how can you like shakespeare and not be able to stand brit accents?
Me: I've been trying to think of an answer to give you and... I got nuthin'

(June 23)
Me: Just saw your IKEA commercial! Yaaaaay
Mansa: I love it! What u Watching?
Me: Americas got talent. U?
Mansa: I'm playing my warcraft game. AGT huh... Do we?
Me: Meh... Not particularly.. Brittain's got more.
Mansa: LOL! @!&/! They even Got the cool accents.
Me: Argh! You and my friend Leann! That's my LEAST favorite accent ever!
Mansa:Whatever! They have the best. Which one do you like?
Me: Ummm... Don't laugh. Canadian.
Mansa: WHAT! They sound like we do...
Me: No! Instead of "about", it's "aboat". I love it! and they end everything with "eh"
Mansa: Ugh. That's just bad pronunciation. Not an accent.

(June 23)
Me: Mansa just said Brits have the best accent and when I said I liked canadians he said we aren't friends anymore :-P
Leann: I like him already.
Me: Temp highs: 100-104 for the next 4 days, and that doesn't count the heat index... FYI
Leann: Ugh. I might burn up like a non-Twilight vamp.
Me: Heh heh. Yeah, Twi vamps couldn't stand all this sun either.
Leann: That's true. If I was like Vampire Bill, I'd be committing suicide!
Erin: I've got to read that!
Leann: Bill is dreamy. And his body is 30yo. :) hubba hubba.
Me: (insert wolf-whistle here)
Leann: Haha. Speaking of wolves...did you see the new cover of the New Moon paperback? Wowzers. I'm having my Team Edward status challenged by that 17yo's hotness.
Me: *GASP* I never want to hear that again. Way worse than liking Canadians!
Leann: Just sayin'. Go look! Those arms are flippin' amazing.
Me: Oh. My. Warewolf. I agree in the hottness, but I have an allegiance to the Cullens.
Leann: Oh, I know. But...he's nice to oggle!!!

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  1. I love our convos.

    "That's just bad pronunciation. Not an accent." <--Made me laugh SO HARD.


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