Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When did I become and adult?

I change out of my "good clothes" when I get home.

I have a mortgage AND a rent payment (thanks, economy).

I "tsk" when I see things that kids these days wear.

A 40-year old man looks a lot more attractive than a 20-year old.

I'd rather go to a bar after work than to a club on a Friday night.

I'm finally really ready to get married and start a family.

I love hanging out with my parents and my brother.

Car payment, credit cards, mortgage, rent, cell phone, dog vet bills, new carpet for house, groceries... I couldn't afford to be young now.

I would much rather come home and cook something healthy than stopping for fast food.

I use facebook for the communication features, not for the quizzes and games (saw you were on sorority life last night, so just had to mention that, Leann)

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  1. I agree with these. And the only reason I was playing sorority house is because TV is all re-runs now and I was completely bored.


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