Friday, July 31, 2009

Guess what? It's Friday!

Well, hello there! It's Friday again! Here are my plans for this weekend:
Tonight-- movie tavern. so, it's a place where there is like a restaurant... inside... a movie theatre. sweet! i don't mean, like in place of the concession stand there is a restaurant. i mean, you sit and watch the movie, while waiters fill your drink. i'm soooo looking forward to it!


staying the night at Chris' parent's house. cause i'm too broke to afford the gas to come home, and tomorrow's payday. so.


tomorrow, i'm buying new tires. and grocery shopping. and dinner at Pei Wei with Chris and Mansa.


Sunday is church, then visiting some friends of his that are, like, past Fort Worth. then dinner with my aunt and uncle-- cause last weekend Chris met my uncle and this weekend he gets to meet my aunt.

so cool. so, so cool.

Now, today.

This is what i had for lunch just now:

My friend Nina from Bosnia made (I don't know how it's spelled, so I'll sound it out for you) PEE-tca. Not like, pita, but PEE-tca.

This is my reaction to how delicious it was:

Yep. basically amazing. that picture makes me realize i should switch from coffee to... well, to some other way of getting my morning caffeine dose. my teeth are not gorgeous...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


okay. accountability. this could turn into a huge post, but i just wanted to throw out there that i'm working on it. of course, with the help of two of my bestest people in the whole world. it's one thing to know you can't do it alone. it's another to know there are people willing to help you through it.

once again, i love my life.

Monday, July 27, 2009

dreary monday

it may be raining outside, but the sun is shining in my heart...

okay, that seems like it could be a cheesy line from a movie or song. but no, it's just me. speaking of me (well, this IS my blog. i can talk about what i want to), i get to teach neurosurgeons today. i love my job.

and i had a great weekend. i realize more and more how much chris means to me. it's a pretty good place to be. we're even planning on going to pittsburgh to visit my family for christmas. i'm so excited! christmas is a big deal with my family, and it's been approximately forever ago since i've had a christmas with my parents, so it'll be so nice to be home for that. and to share it with chris, even better.

GREAT NEWS!! leann is home! it's so funny. even though she's home, and that still means she is 4 hours away from me, i missed talking to her on text and email so much that just having her back to sheridan is a big deal. it thrills me. she missed some pretty important things in my life this week, and i can't wait to catch her up on things. i also can't wait to hear how centrifuge went for her!

Friday, July 24, 2009

so happy!

I've noticed that I tend to write on Fridays. I think it's because Fridays make me happiest. There are two reasons for this:

1. It's Friday (duh)
(I seriously photobucket'd "Friday", and this is what came up)

2. I get to see Chris for the weekend
(From, you guessed it, last Friday)

So, I'm in a super mood. And my Leann has actually been super inspirational to me, whether or not she knows it. See, she started working out and dieting 11 days ago. I don't really know how well she's doing at all. However, I do know that I send her an email DAILY saying how much she means to me, and how proud I am of her for doing all this work. Well, it has actually been inspiring to ME (Is that allowed? Can I inspire myself??) and now I'm in the mood to walk more, pop in my kickboxing video to work out, and eat better. Actually, if I'm being honest, Chris sort of inspires me, in a way that he doesn't plan. See, I'd really like to be bada-bing gorgeous (or as close as one like me can get to bada-bing gorgeous) for him. I mean, for him for him. I want him to be proud to have me as his girlfriend, and look good on his arm. The whole bit. Plus, Lord knows I've got enough health problems already, and I should get in shape better overall.

So, in short, I'm glad it's Friday. I'm happy, in love, and inspired. What a wonderful way to live your life!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can't sleep, sooo...

Hello. My name is Erin and I was out late last night. Don't worry, it
was for a good cause! A second-first date that was sweet and goofy and
fun and amazing and gave me butterflies in my stomach and made me weak
in the knees. I know, it's new so it's supposed to feel like this...
But it also feels right, and comfortable, and safe. And that's a
wonderful thing. It's to the point that I can't get the boy out of my
head during the day- but I. A good way, not in a way where he gets in
all my thoughts and jumbles them up and keeps me from doing normal
things, like work. I'm very much looking forward to seeing where this


I can't really sleep. It's late and I'm stuck awake. Could it be
because I woke at 730, went back to bed immediately, woke again at 11,
then napped from 2-5? Quite possibly. So, I lay here in bed, catching
up on blogs I read, and, and fml... Oh, the
glorious life of a young adult without plans for a Saturday night. Not
like it matters if I have plans- I have a tire that is on its way to
becoming flat. Oh, not to worry, the boy is going to fix it tomorrow.
After we go to church together. But before we go see Aerosmith. Yes,
my life is so good right now. So, so good.


I seriously need to thrift store. The verb, not the noun. I am in need
of some updates, and short on moneys, so I really dig that I can get
shirts for $2, and dresses for $10 or even less. I also need to finish
decoratig my room. I bought fabric and frames, I just need to put it
together and hang it on the wall! Serious! I also need to finish this
project for work. I do wish I had Internet at home, cause I could also
prepare for this week's lesson. I get to teach about organs and organ
systems. I think I will throw a card game in this week, to keep the
students interested and coming to class.


My cousin co es to visit me in a month. I'm thrilled. Haven't seen her
in years! Yay!

Okay. I try to sleep now.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just had to post something

Been not feeling great. My RA is having a bad week- but I think I'm on
the upswing. I've gone to bed at 8 for the past few nights and
tonight, while I laid in bed at 8, it's after 9:30 and I'm still
awake! I need to rest because I have another great date tomorrow. I
don't even know what it is, but the boy is super excited (so is his
mom! And sister!) so I'm excites about it. Bought a new dress for the
occassion and everything. Nothing fancy, but a realy cute long summer
dress. I'm ready for thus weekend. Plus the concert on Sunday... At
least I have Saturday to do nothing but laundry and straightening the
house and reading and maybe catching up on some work stuff. Sometimes
I wish I were hourly instead of salary- especially this week an last

Okay that's all. My eyes are drooping.

Later gater.

Monday, July 13, 2009

No post today

I don't want to write a blog today. I know, I don't write one every day anyway, and I generally just skip the site when I don't feel like blogging. But today, I thought I'd share that with you.

It's because I'm having a really busy day at work and have a bit of an upset tummy. For no reason, I fear, except that I'm busy and sitting at a desk all day. Same goes for tomorrow.


Friday, July 10, 2009


It's 1016 and I'm searching for dog comics online. Have I mentioned lately that I have the best job ever? seriously. My google search was "dog comic*". and the search after that? "i has a hotdog". ooohhh, yeah. someone came up behind me and i didn't even have to minimize any screens because this. is. WORK!


don't even ask. i'm not finding anything that i need. serious! how friggin' hard is it to find a stupid dog comic???


it's officially friday. that means the day after thursday. more importantly, it's d-day. as in, date-day. that's right. chinese takeout, movies, and very likely staying up all night talking. before the official second date of coffee tomorrow. woah. so, usually, you plan the second date AFTER the first. we've planned the second date since before the first. also planned a weekend. yes. i'm happy. and excited. it's been so fast, but so right. can't even explain it!

i'm hungry. and it's not even 1030.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

like, WOAH.

first, that title sounds familiar. have i used it before?

"cutie" is out. for real-i-o.
i can't explain too much yet, because i'm giddy and excited and... shocked... all at the same time. i've still got plans this weekend, even more now! dude. dinner and a movie on friday, and coffee saturday morning. plus, that b-day party with mansa and his friends. only deal is, now it's just one guy instead of two.

i'm so not used to this. as i told leann, i haven't gotten this kind of attention since college. so not used to it. i don't know what to do! and honest, i'm a little nervous. like, things are way cool, but could this be it? like, is there more? thing is, i really think there could be. i know, i know. be patient and be careful, and don't get your hopes up and all... but. BUT.

that's it, just "but". i'll leave it open for now.

my left shoulder is KILL-ing me. i just held my cold coke zero bottle on it to try to relieve the hurt, but it's not working. waaaah :'-( hmmm... maybe that'll get fixed soon? if contestant #2 (only calling him that because the whole explanation is way too long for right now) doesn't fix it, i can always call up my massage therapist friend in the area. course, i abused THAT with free breakfast last time... hmmm... we'll see.

in any case, i'm TOTALLY looking forward to this weekend. hopefully thursday and friday will be busy and fly- FLY- by.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm baaaaack...

... and feeling like myself again!

I know I went through a down-slump. I know that I did it to myself. I also know that I have muy awesome friends who called and texted and prayed for me. I love my (two super) friends. I don't know why I feel better, or what happened to make me that way, but I am happy, and trusting in God, and confident. And I know what's best for me once again.

I had a phenomenal weekend. Friday I don't remember doing anything of note, but I did find my new favorite song. Ever. Serious. and I don't want to tell you because I don't want to share it :-(

Saturday... July 4th! Hung out with family and enjoyed cookout, playing Scat (haven't done that since Pittsburgh!), and an awesome fireworks show. I was deaf and blind at the end, but that's the best kind!

Sunday... didn't leave the house, except to go out back and enjoy the beautiful weather. i swept and mopped the whole house, ran the dishwasher, and did three loads of laundry. that reminds me, i think i left the last of the blankets and towels in the dryer. oh well, it doesn't matter if they're a little wrinkly.

i'm also smitten. shouldn't be, but i am. it's too soon for me to feel this way, but i enjoy being called "cutie".