Monday, July 27, 2009

dreary monday

it may be raining outside, but the sun is shining in my heart...

okay, that seems like it could be a cheesy line from a movie or song. but no, it's just me. speaking of me (well, this IS my blog. i can talk about what i want to), i get to teach neurosurgeons today. i love my job.

and i had a great weekend. i realize more and more how much chris means to me. it's a pretty good place to be. we're even planning on going to pittsburgh to visit my family for christmas. i'm so excited! christmas is a big deal with my family, and it's been approximately forever ago since i've had a christmas with my parents, so it'll be so nice to be home for that. and to share it with chris, even better.

GREAT NEWS!! leann is home! it's so funny. even though she's home, and that still means she is 4 hours away from me, i missed talking to her on text and email so much that just having her back to sheridan is a big deal. it thrills me. she missed some pretty important things in my life this week, and i can't wait to catch her up on things. i also can't wait to hear how centrifuge went for her!

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  1. You are silly. And why haven't you caught me up yet?


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