Friday, July 31, 2009

Guess what? It's Friday!

Well, hello there! It's Friday again! Here are my plans for this weekend:
Tonight-- movie tavern. so, it's a place where there is like a restaurant... inside... a movie theatre. sweet! i don't mean, like in place of the concession stand there is a restaurant. i mean, you sit and watch the movie, while waiters fill your drink. i'm soooo looking forward to it!


staying the night at Chris' parent's house. cause i'm too broke to afford the gas to come home, and tomorrow's payday. so.


tomorrow, i'm buying new tires. and grocery shopping. and dinner at Pei Wei with Chris and Mansa.


Sunday is church, then visiting some friends of his that are, like, past Fort Worth. then dinner with my aunt and uncle-- cause last weekend Chris met my uncle and this weekend he gets to meet my aunt.

so cool. so, so cool.

Now, today.

This is what i had for lunch just now:

My friend Nina from Bosnia made (I don't know how it's spelled, so I'll sound it out for you) PEE-tca. Not like, pita, but PEE-tca.

This is my reaction to how delicious it was:

Yep. basically amazing. that picture makes me realize i should switch from coffee to... well, to some other way of getting my morning caffeine dose. my teeth are not gorgeous...


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  1. That PEE-tca looks tasty. What's in it? BTW, your hair is beautiful.


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