Wednesday, July 8, 2009

like, WOAH.

first, that title sounds familiar. have i used it before?

"cutie" is out. for real-i-o.
i can't explain too much yet, because i'm giddy and excited and... shocked... all at the same time. i've still got plans this weekend, even more now! dude. dinner and a movie on friday, and coffee saturday morning. plus, that b-day party with mansa and his friends. only deal is, now it's just one guy instead of two.

i'm so not used to this. as i told leann, i haven't gotten this kind of attention since college. so not used to it. i don't know what to do! and honest, i'm a little nervous. like, things are way cool, but could this be it? like, is there more? thing is, i really think there could be. i know, i know. be patient and be careful, and don't get your hopes up and all... but. BUT.

that's it, just "but". i'll leave it open for now.

my left shoulder is KILL-ing me. i just held my cold coke zero bottle on it to try to relieve the hurt, but it's not working. waaaah :'-( hmmm... maybe that'll get fixed soon? if contestant #2 (only calling him that because the whole explanation is way too long for right now) doesn't fix it, i can always call up my massage therapist friend in the area. course, i abused THAT with free breakfast last time... hmmm... we'll see.

in any case, i'm TOTALLY looking forward to this weekend. hopefully thursday and friday will be busy and fly- FLY- by.

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