Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday night in Dallas

Well, hello there! Happy Monday!
I'm in a (surprisingly) phenomenal mood. Why "surprisingly", you ask? Don't worry-- we'll get there :-)

So, Saturday, here were my plans--...
yep, nothing. I had a church thing to go to in the morning, and that. was. it. I planned on maybe watching a movie, and that was going to be the extent of my exertion. Heck, I don't think I even planned on eating, because that entails cooking, and by golly, I just wasn't in the mood.

Here's my *real* Saturday:

1. Wake up at about 7. Because I can't sleep in, no matter how late I stay up the night before.

2. Go to the church thing from 9-11:30.

3. Come home. Realize it is a bee-you-tiful day, and take Bella on a walk.Here's Bella after our walk... poor gal wore out before I did! haha-- suckah!

4. Take a nap because I just walked 2.5 miles and that's *not* something this gal does daily.

5. Get a phone call as my wake-up service-- it was my boyfriend yelling at me to get dressed and up and he will come get me soon because we got free Cowboy tickets. What?!? I was so confused. But I listened. I showered and got dressed.

6. Hang out in a grocery store, taking funny pictures and playing catch with diapers because my boyfriend and I can have fun.

My boyfriend had the kissies Saturday... so I found this book.

7. Meet Zack and Sarah, who will later this night become two of my favorite people. Ev-ah.

8. Take this gorgeous-if-I-must-say-so-myself picture on our way to the stadium.

9. Actually enjoy the game, even though I'm a STEELER fan all the way. I may have worn a jersey (at Boyfriend's request), but I also had my Steeler purse ;-)

My mom said this picture was cute... except for the darn Cowboys paraphernalia.

10. Leave the game. Fall to the ground with a big "pop" in my ankle.

11. Go to the ER-- once more, at Boyfriend's prodding. He takes such good care of me. Oh, here's where Zach and Sarah became favorites. They showed up. No, they didn't call to see where we were-- they facebook-stalked me, and showed up in my ER room. Flippin' sweet.

Still energized... at about 3am. Rock on.

12. Come home with a NON-WALKING cast (ugh!) and orders for pain meds and no definite diagnosis except STAY OFF OF IT and see an ortho doc asap. Sounds like it's a rebreak at the same place I had last time, when they said I didn't need surgery because it was fixing itself just fine... yeah. i guess it didn't, now did it, Doctor-i-know-everything? hrmph.

Awww... poor me. Please feel bad. You can send flowers or chocolate, I'm sure that'll help me feel *much* better :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm so happy it's Friday. And I'm so happy to be having a super productive morning at work. Unfortunately, all this work I'm doing is not on my to-do list, but needs done anyway... so, meh.

Still to do today:
  • pray that house showing tonight goes well enough to sell the darn thing
  • get this weekend's lesson for Sunday School and review it
  • finish my packets for the new supervisors (they start Tuesday)
  • attend a pizza party on south campus for my AALAS class
  • keep praying about the house
  • take a nap when i get home
  • keep praying about the house
  • MAYBE attend a karaoke night with chris and his family... maybe
  • keep praying about the house. maybe i'll get a wonderful phone call from my realtor tonight.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

i want some bread.

i'm so happy it's friday. wait... what? you're kidding? it's not?! it's only thursday? well, it's okay. that gives me one more day to be alive and celebrate God.

I realized this morning that not only do i blog like i talk, i also email like i talk. exhibit one: email to chris early this morning:

I want to go to that huge flea market over there in, like, um, I dunno? I know I got there with my family somewhere over near where you work. you'll know where it is. I hope. cause I don't remember the name. I can call leah and find out where if I need to. yes, I will.
hold, please.
drats. she didn't answer.
my fingernails are looking mighty cute. I think on payday I might buy some new nail polish to cuten them up even more.
I'm feeling better. well, not BETTER better, but better enough. coffee always makes me happy. so does a phone call from my babe first thing in the morning.

I had someone tell me today that they are looking for a new place to live, would i like a new roomate? I basically screamed YES, but then i realized that they are of the male species, and chrissy-poo does not want me to live with a male. i tried telling him that this particular male enjoys the company of other males compared with females, but he firmly stated his point. i understand. i wouldn't be very pleased if he was living with a girl, now would i? unless, of course, that girl was me. after the wedding. anyways, i'll mention it to chris again. it would help matt, but if it upsets chris at all, i don't want to do it. i'd expect the same respect, so i give it to him.

UGH! i love to read. i mean, i LOVE to READ! i read in the mornings on the train, i read if i get a lunch break, i read waiting for the train in the evening, i read on the train ride home, i read in bed before sleep... and now i'm getting headaches when reading and can't read as often. i'm super bummed. so, i'll need to go to the eye doctor soon to try to get that fixed. because me without reading is like, peanut butter without the jelly. grilled without the cheese. butter without the popcorn (or should it be popcorn without the butter?)...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was just thinking that I think it's been for-ev-ah since i've written on here. Well, turns out, it has. Well, it's been a week. EXACTLY a week. woah. um, or not woah. So, here's the happenings of my life in the past week:

I fell in love with Nutella
Serious. it's, like, the best spread ev-ah. My bread went moldy, so today for breakfast I'm having a hot dog bun with peanut butter and Nutella. yummy.

I'm trying to wean myself off of coffee...
...said the girl who just brewed a full pot on her desk. Seriously, I'm trying. But today the coffee is free, and a soda would cost, and i'm broke. no joke. So, why get off coffee and onto soda? Well, coffee stains my teeth. I'm trying to work on that. But soda, when sipped through a straw, doesn't hit the front of my teeth so much.

I went to Women of Faith with my cousin
It was amazing. I took lots of pictures, and will make a post all about WoF soon, but not today. In short, it was life-changing. Definite. Plus, my cousin and I got called sisters twice.

I met the... sister (dum dum dummmm)
Chris had talked all scary about her, and she ended up being super cheerful and hug-y and friendly. Which scared me more. Was she just testing me? Is she really a split-personality? Or was she trying to be friendly to throw me off guard? Unsure. So, I'll just keep on being myself until I learn better.

I get to move offices
I get a bigger office. One where my file cabinets aren't out in the common areas cause they don't fit in my place. I'm super excited. I'll probably be moving shortly after the 1st of September. Yaaay!

The flu arrived
I'm a bit nervous. People in my area have started to get the flu, and with my nonexistent immune system, it's a big deal. I'm seriously hoping I don't get sick. As I work at a hospital, I might have to meet with my doctor soon for ways to keep extra healthy.

Meh. That's it.
Later, gater.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good day

i just thought i'd drop by to say hello. i'm super busy here, but felt like absolutely wasting away my lunchtime. been through the ends of facebook, don't feel like concentrating enough to read a book or anything, so i'm on here. dropping by. leaving a note. rock on.

i wonder why i'm so tired lately. i mean, i'm laying off the coffee a bit, and i'm sure that actually helps some, but other than that, i seriously have a hard time staying awake. i sure could lay my head on my desk right now, close my eyes, and see you in an hour. but i have to go over to south campus really soon because i have to teach about mice. and lord knows, it's not easy to teach mouse handling, bleeding, and injections when you're exhausted. bleh. maybe i'll walk to south to wake myself up a bit. haha. walk. yeah, right. it's like, a frikin' mile. i'll take the shuttle, please.

that'll do. that'll do.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boundless has hit me hard lately.

So. I figure it’s time for a bit more serious of a blog from me. My apologies in advance, but I’ll be writing a long one tonight. So, a few weeks ago, I downloaded a file that was send to me by (one of my favorite websites) called “A Girl’s Guide to Marrying Well”. I had read it on and off a bit, but finally finished it this morning. I highlighted some points, and now I’m going to quote those and tell you why it’s relevant to my relationship with Chris. Or, just why it hit me at all. Or maybe I won’t, and I’ll just tell you the highlighted part is all. Hrmph. Anyways, it was interesting, because looking at the “previews” of the web-book, it looked like it was going to be cheesy. Quite the opposite—it very much affected me and the way I look at parts of our relationship.

In short: Pick a potential dating partner with an eye toward godly manhood and womanhood—with an eye toward who would make a good husband or wife, defined by those characteristics God esteems in His Word.

For only by holding herself in reserve does a woman gain the distance and self-command needed to discern what and whom she truly wants and to insist that the ardent suitor measure up. See, I heard that as, saying that I’ve been single and focusing on God for a while, so basically, it’s given me time enough to figure what I need, and know not to settle.

Whatever your sexual history, the goal remains: Live from today forward like you’re planning to marry—like you’re planning to one day fully enjoy the blessings of sex within a good marriage. For those who have had sex already, true repentance—admitting your sin and turning away—allows you to experience God’s gracious forgiveness and restoration. Dude. Word. This basically screams “second chance!” and shows that if you repent (key!), that you can still have a pure marriage. Encouragement, basically.

Not having sex before marriage is a way of insisting that the most interesting part of your life will take place after marriage. There’s somewhere in this that it says something like, if you have sex before marriage, you’re so worried about how things go, and it’s all about self-pleasure, so it’s no good. But after marriage, it’s all about pleasing the other person while glorifying God. Woah.

(Here’s a sort of long one. I highlighted it in BOLD, so that means basically that it was just really important to me.) The full context of our sexual drive and its purposes is much more significant than we can comprehend in a moment of temptation in a dimly lit room. Living a life of purity is a tremendous challenge in the midst of our hypersexualized culture. But it’s nowhere as challenging as trying to manage all the seen and unseen consequences that come when we reject God’s design. Worse still is trying to grow a good marriage in a garden filled with weeds you’ve planted. It’s well worth the effort to stay pure, or if you’re already fallen, to repent, receive forgiveness, and be pure again.

(Isiah 32:1-4) "Each man will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.”…A holy man is a spiritual force, a “God oasis” in a world that needs spiritually strong people…By their words, actions, and eyes, they affirm what God values most in a woman’s worth. Okay. Seriously, when I read this, I wept (a little) because it really did remind me of Chris. Even more so, now that it’s been a while. I mean, him taking care of me when I’m sick and hurt, being protective of me, that’s all really important.

In short, the sexual aspect of our nature—when released exclusively within the family—produces stability and responsibility that would not otherwise occur.

Sexual intimacy is all about union…In sexual intimacy, we also know a union that is emotional, as our hearts are knit together even as our bodies are. We know a union that is intellectual, as we come to understand and know one another in intimate detail. We know a union that is even spiritual, for as every married couple figures out, the best sex isn’t when I make sure I get what I want, but when I forget about myself, and give myself for the blessing and delight of my spouse. And at that moment, we are very close to the heart of Christ…Bereft of its proper point and context, sexual intimacy outside of marriage does not bring us into the lover’s embrace, but merely exposes us to the stranger’s stare, and reduces us to the means of someone else’s pleasure. See, that’s what I was talking about earlier, how sex after marriage has a different point and different answer.

…because letting in even a hint of immorality causes the heart to become calloused toward God. Thank God for His grace. No matter how far we’ve fallen, we are invited to confess our sins and He is faithful to forgive them. Beyond confession there must also be repentance—a true change of heart. I have had to confess impurity and ask God to help me stick to a higher standard. Not so I can appear righteous but so that I can experience closeness with my Father and His full working in my life.

Nobody really “settles” in a biblical marriage because God has designed marriage as a wonderful gift that gets better with age… Marriage is incredibly fun; it’s also incredibly hard… According to Scripture, marriage is anything but a selfish endeavor. It is a ministry.

Here’s a good list. It’s called “The Real Non-Negotiables” and is basically a standard that you must have as a checklist, that your potential mate has to fit. Chris fits them all. 1) A man must be a believer. 2) He must be able and willing to provide for his family. 3) He must love sacrificially. 4) He must be honest, have a good reputation and strive for the qualities of a spiritual leader.

We should want to marry men who love one person more than they love us—Jesus. And if they love Jesus, they are going to love His bride.

Okay, that’s it. I know it was a lot, and I don’t blame you if you didn’t read it all. It was important to me, so I had to put it down.

Monday, August 10, 2009


that's all. just stressed.

bad things:
ex relationships

okay. now, because i hate to have gripe blogs...

good things:

how nice. now i'm boosted.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 2 in San Antonio-- August 6th

Day 2 in San Antonio... more tourist-y things today...

Really neat picture by the riverwalk.

Duh. had to take a picture of the alamo.

one of my favorite alamo pics.

interesting statue (huge!) outside the alamo.

i tried on every hat i saw in three stores.

hats. continued.

my favorite hat picture. probably going to be my facebook profile pic soon.

we ate dinner at the rainforest cafe!

statue of a table commemorating the first mass at this church on the riverwaalk. i like how everything else in the picture is blurry but the table. interesting.

mosaic was a gift from mexico during the hemis-fair, part of the world's fair years and years ago. it's on the convention center.

this ice cream melted ALL OVER my hands. i was a sticky mess by the time i threw half of it out.

Day 1 in San Antonio-- August 5th

i had a great time in san antonio. my only regret is that i wasn't there longer, to enjoy a lot more of the touristy stuff. here's my trip in a few blogs... enjoy!

Waiting area at Dallas Love Airport
My super duper crazy scary cab driver. it was one of those stop-go-stop-go on the highway... and you can see, traffic wasn't bad. he must have been new at this. or olAlign Centerd at it?

me on my private balcony. felt pretty special, yeah.

my favorite shot of the riverwalk. there were tons of restaurants right on the river, and it was like a bridge, where there weren't rails or anything between the sidewalk and the river.

at the chinese place in the mall food court. notice-- they sell beer. so, people would buy a bottle of beer at the fast food counter, and carry it with them through the mall. i thought it was a little... different?

they had a few of these man-made waterfalls along the river.

last shot of the afternoon-- along the river walk, taken from one of the foot bridges.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why I love my boyfriend at this moment:

10. He enjoys giving me hugs and kisses, and is good at it.
for real. whether it's cuddling on the couch, or a peck in public, i like that.

9. He holds my hand and puts his arm around me in public.
important: he doesn't hide me! he thinks i'm cool enough to "brag" about me being his when we're together in public!

8. He is not afraid of eating things besides just meat and potatoes!
this is actually a big deal, since i like to try all sorts of new foods and different things. we're planning on cooking a lot of "worldly" meals together and trying new things.

7. He cooks. He cleans. He mows my lawn.
do i really need to elaborate on this one?? he cooks. real food. he cleans. my house, AND my garage. he mows my lawn on his own initiative. flippin' awesome.

6. He is creative.

besides being a musician, he thinks of fun things for me. our first date was amazing and creative, started off with this "rose" he gave me (since i don't like real roses, but i do like knee-high socks).

5. He lets me be myself.
i NEVER feel like i have to pretend to be something else when i'm with him.

4. My dogs love him.
big deal. they're really important to me. also important-- he loves them. it's not always easy to find someone who loves Bella!

3. He compliments me.

he boosts my confidence because he always compliments me. whether it's my eyes, my hair, or the way i look in a pair of jeans, he always has something nice to say about me.

2. He goes to church with me.

note: i do not DRAG him to church. he voluntarily goes. this weekend, i told him i was going to join this new church i'm going to, and... he decided to join also. thing is, he didn't join it just for me. he likes the church and joined it for that reason, cause it's where he wants to go.

1. He thinks I'm the best girl in the world.
'nuff said. i also think he's the best guy in the world.