Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 1 in San Antonio-- August 5th

i had a great time in san antonio. my only regret is that i wasn't there longer, to enjoy a lot more of the touristy stuff. here's my trip in a few blogs... enjoy!

Waiting area at Dallas Love Airport
My super duper crazy scary cab driver. it was one of those stop-go-stop-go on the highway... and you can see, traffic wasn't bad. he must have been new at this. or olAlign Centerd at it?

me on my private balcony. felt pretty special, yeah.

my favorite shot of the riverwalk. there were tons of restaurants right on the river, and it was like a bridge, where there weren't rails or anything between the sidewalk and the river.

at the chinese place in the mall food court. notice-- they sell beer. so, people would buy a bottle of beer at the fast food counter, and carry it with them through the mall. i thought it was a little... different?

they had a few of these man-made waterfalls along the river.

last shot of the afternoon-- along the river walk, taken from one of the foot bridges.

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