Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 2 in San Antonio-- August 6th

Day 2 in San Antonio... more tourist-y things today...

Really neat picture by the riverwalk.

Duh. had to take a picture of the alamo.

one of my favorite alamo pics.

interesting statue (huge!) outside the alamo.

i tried on every hat i saw in three stores.

hats. continued.

my favorite hat picture. probably going to be my facebook profile pic soon.

we ate dinner at the rainforest cafe!

statue of a table commemorating the first mass at this church on the riverwaalk. i like how everything else in the picture is blurry but the table. interesting.

mosaic was a gift from mexico during the hemis-fair, part of the world's fair years and years ago. it's on the convention center.

this ice cream melted ALL OVER my hands. i was a sticky mess by the time i threw half of it out.

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  1. I LURV the Davy Crockett hat. That's defo a profile pic. Yes! And nice princess pink hat too.


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