Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good day

i just thought i'd drop by to say hello. i'm super busy here, but felt like absolutely wasting away my lunchtime. been through the ends of facebook, don't feel like concentrating enough to read a book or anything, so i'm on here. dropping by. leaving a note. rock on.

i wonder why i'm so tired lately. i mean, i'm laying off the coffee a bit, and i'm sure that actually helps some, but other than that, i seriously have a hard time staying awake. i sure could lay my head on my desk right now, close my eyes, and see you in an hour. but i have to go over to south campus really soon because i have to teach about mice. and lord knows, it's not easy to teach mouse handling, bleeding, and injections when you're exhausted. bleh. maybe i'll walk to south to wake myself up a bit. haha. walk. yeah, right. it's like, a frikin' mile. i'll take the shuttle, please.

that'll do. that'll do.

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  1. Um, yeah, walking a mile in the Dallas heat ain't cool. Pun intended.


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