Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was just thinking that I think it's been for-ev-ah since i've written on here. Well, turns out, it has. Well, it's been a week. EXACTLY a week. woah. um, or not woah. So, here's the happenings of my life in the past week:

I fell in love with Nutella
Serious. it's, like, the best spread ev-ah. My bread went moldy, so today for breakfast I'm having a hot dog bun with peanut butter and Nutella. yummy.

I'm trying to wean myself off of coffee...
...said the girl who just brewed a full pot on her desk. Seriously, I'm trying. But today the coffee is free, and a soda would cost, and i'm broke. no joke. So, why get off coffee and onto soda? Well, coffee stains my teeth. I'm trying to work on that. But soda, when sipped through a straw, doesn't hit the front of my teeth so much.

I went to Women of Faith with my cousin
It was amazing. I took lots of pictures, and will make a post all about WoF soon, but not today. In short, it was life-changing. Definite. Plus, my cousin and I got called sisters twice.

I met the... sister (dum dum dummmm)
Chris had talked all scary about her, and she ended up being super cheerful and hug-y and friendly. Which scared me more. Was she just testing me? Is she really a split-personality? Or was she trying to be friendly to throw me off guard? Unsure. So, I'll just keep on being myself until I learn better.

I get to move offices
I get a bigger office. One where my file cabinets aren't out in the common areas cause they don't fit in my place. I'm super excited. I'll probably be moving shortly after the 1st of September. Yaaay!

The flu arrived
I'm a bit nervous. People in my area have started to get the flu, and with my nonexistent immune system, it's a big deal. I'm seriously hoping I don't get sick. As I work at a hospital, I might have to meet with my doctor soon for ways to keep extra healthy.

Meh. That's it.
Later, gater.

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  1. NUTELLA! *drools* Fell in love with it in grad school. Can eat it with a spoon if necessary.

    Glad you had a great time at WoF...totes jealous.

    Congrats on the office and passing the sister test.

    Hope you don't get the pig flu.

    The end.


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