Thursday, August 27, 2009

i want some bread.

i'm so happy it's friday. wait... what? you're kidding? it's not?! it's only thursday? well, it's okay. that gives me one more day to be alive and celebrate God.

I realized this morning that not only do i blog like i talk, i also email like i talk. exhibit one: email to chris early this morning:

I want to go to that huge flea market over there in, like, um, I dunno? I know I got there with my family somewhere over near where you work. you'll know where it is. I hope. cause I don't remember the name. I can call leah and find out where if I need to. yes, I will.
hold, please.
drats. she didn't answer.
my fingernails are looking mighty cute. I think on payday I might buy some new nail polish to cuten them up even more.
I'm feeling better. well, not BETTER better, but better enough. coffee always makes me happy. so does a phone call from my babe first thing in the morning.

I had someone tell me today that they are looking for a new place to live, would i like a new roomate? I basically screamed YES, but then i realized that they are of the male species, and chrissy-poo does not want me to live with a male. i tried telling him that this particular male enjoys the company of other males compared with females, but he firmly stated his point. i understand. i wouldn't be very pleased if he was living with a girl, now would i? unless, of course, that girl was me. after the wedding. anyways, i'll mention it to chris again. it would help matt, but if it upsets chris at all, i don't want to do it. i'd expect the same respect, so i give it to him.

UGH! i love to read. i mean, i LOVE to READ! i read in the mornings on the train, i read if i get a lunch break, i read waiting for the train in the evening, i read on the train ride home, i read in bed before sleep... and now i'm getting headaches when reading and can't read as often. i'm super bummed. so, i'll need to go to the eye doctor soon to try to get that fixed. because me without reading is like, peanut butter without the jelly. grilled without the cheese. butter without the popcorn (or should it be popcorn without the butter?)...

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