Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday night in Dallas

Well, hello there! Happy Monday!
I'm in a (surprisingly) phenomenal mood. Why "surprisingly", you ask? Don't worry-- we'll get there :-)

So, Saturday, here were my plans--...
yep, nothing. I had a church thing to go to in the morning, and that. was. it. I planned on maybe watching a movie, and that was going to be the extent of my exertion. Heck, I don't think I even planned on eating, because that entails cooking, and by golly, I just wasn't in the mood.

Here's my *real* Saturday:

1. Wake up at about 7. Because I can't sleep in, no matter how late I stay up the night before.

2. Go to the church thing from 9-11:30.

3. Come home. Realize it is a bee-you-tiful day, and take Bella on a walk.Here's Bella after our walk... poor gal wore out before I did! haha-- suckah!

4. Take a nap because I just walked 2.5 miles and that's *not* something this gal does daily.

5. Get a phone call as my wake-up service-- it was my boyfriend yelling at me to get dressed and up and he will come get me soon because we got free Cowboy tickets. What?!? I was so confused. But I listened. I showered and got dressed.

6. Hang out in a grocery store, taking funny pictures and playing catch with diapers because my boyfriend and I can have fun.

My boyfriend had the kissies Saturday... so I found this book.

7. Meet Zack and Sarah, who will later this night become two of my favorite people. Ev-ah.

8. Take this gorgeous-if-I-must-say-so-myself picture on our way to the stadium.

9. Actually enjoy the game, even though I'm a STEELER fan all the way. I may have worn a jersey (at Boyfriend's request), but I also had my Steeler purse ;-)

My mom said this picture was cute... except for the darn Cowboys paraphernalia.

10. Leave the game. Fall to the ground with a big "pop" in my ankle.

11. Go to the ER-- once more, at Boyfriend's prodding. He takes such good care of me. Oh, here's where Zach and Sarah became favorites. They showed up. No, they didn't call to see where we were-- they facebook-stalked me, and showed up in my ER room. Flippin' sweet.

Still energized... at about 3am. Rock on.

12. Come home with a NON-WALKING cast (ugh!) and orders for pain meds and no definite diagnosis except STAY OFF OF IT and see an ortho doc asap. Sounds like it's a rebreak at the same place I had last time, when they said I didn't need surgery because it was fixing itself just fine... yeah. i guess it didn't, now did it, Doctor-i-know-everything? hrmph.

Awww... poor me. Please feel bad. You can send flowers or chocolate, I'm sure that'll help me feel *much* better :-)

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  1. Best. Post. Evah.

    That picture with the kissing book is hilarious. And tell Chris never to text me again if you two are going to insist on kissing while I'm trying to have a convo with you. Leave me out of it, thanks.


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