Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why I love my boyfriend at this moment:

10. He enjoys giving me hugs and kisses, and is good at it.
for real. whether it's cuddling on the couch, or a peck in public, i like that.

9. He holds my hand and puts his arm around me in public.
important: he doesn't hide me! he thinks i'm cool enough to "brag" about me being his when we're together in public!

8. He is not afraid of eating things besides just meat and potatoes!
this is actually a big deal, since i like to try all sorts of new foods and different things. we're planning on cooking a lot of "worldly" meals together and trying new things.

7. He cooks. He cleans. He mows my lawn.
do i really need to elaborate on this one?? he cooks. real food. he cleans. my house, AND my garage. he mows my lawn on his own initiative. flippin' awesome.

6. He is creative.

besides being a musician, he thinks of fun things for me. our first date was amazing and creative, started off with this "rose" he gave me (since i don't like real roses, but i do like knee-high socks).

5. He lets me be myself.
i NEVER feel like i have to pretend to be something else when i'm with him.

4. My dogs love him.
big deal. they're really important to me. also important-- he loves them. it's not always easy to find someone who loves Bella!

3. He compliments me.

he boosts my confidence because he always compliments me. whether it's my eyes, my hair, or the way i look in a pair of jeans, he always has something nice to say about me.

2. He goes to church with me.

note: i do not DRAG him to church. he voluntarily goes. this weekend, i told him i was going to join this new church i'm going to, and... he decided to join also. thing is, he didn't join it just for me. he likes the church and joined it for that reason, cause it's where he wants to go.

1. He thinks I'm the best girl in the world.
'nuff said. i also think he's the best guy in the world.

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  1. If I could go back four years on my blog, I'd probably say some similar things about my "fiance." Especially the creative part. Seriously. Ah, young love.


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