Monday, September 28, 2009

My teeth hurt because my dental hygenist was born in 1908 and is sadistic.

I'm still not really here for a good post.
So, you're stuck with whatever I want to talk about. Yet again.

Sometimes, I wish my blog was all popular, and recommended to all sorts of people, and that, like, 200 people left comments on it.

Then I realize that I'd have to correct a little grammar here, punctuation there, and plus, my email inbox would be loaded full of all those comments. way non-cool.

I just read in a blog (I would hyperlink it but I closed it out already) that 16,000 words in the newest dictionary lost their hyphens. Like, seriously. Offhand, I can't think of any words that even have hyphens in them, aside from my made-up words (I just plugged that one in there. Not sure if it works). And also those really-long-sentences-where-you-want-to-just-show-someone-your-emotion-and-how-upset-or-passionate-about-something-you-are.

I've got to take the train today. I mean, I get to take the train today? Chris and I are trying out a new commute and I'm taking the TRE to Union, then getting on the Blue South. I've only gone North on the Blue, so I'm a little intrigued. I get to see a whole new part of the city. I hope that the Ledbetter Station is a safe one, cause I have to wait there for at least 10 minutes for Chris to pick me up. We'll see how it works.

Everyone has seemed so down lately. My whole office had either a headache or a tummy ache, or was just run down today. It totally bums me out. Apparently, though, I'm not happy one way or another. When everyone's happy at work, they're too loud. When they're sick, they bum me out. Meh.

I had a date on Friday! Chris and I went to Studio Movie Grill. I heart Movie/Diner places. So so much. I hope to get tickets to a New Moon at one of them so that when Leann visits, I can take her to one of those. Because 1) it's totally fun to eat dinner while you're at the movies, and 2) it holds a little bit older of a crowd. Which hopefully means no screams when Edward is onscreen, or when Jacob takes off his shirt (swoon)... Okay. We'll all be screaming on the inside.

I'm fairly homesick. I don't know why. I'm homesick for two places though. For Arkansas and my friends there (I miss Leann something terrible... and I want to see Anita also. And Morgan's baby should be fairly cooked by now. I wonder what color Beth's hair is?), and of course for Pittsburgh and family. My cousin is officially getting married in... Ummm... some Saint city, in another country, on the beach. With just her and her boyfriend/fiance/husband going. And please, someone, tell me why on earth they had to get a loan for FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for a week's vacation??!!!? It's not like they are heading to New Zealand or something. They're going to Central America!

Meh. Not my money. I wish them the best.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's time for a good one...

... and this one isn't it.

But I notice that I've been putting up quite a few nonsensical posts lately. It's time for a good one. See, I usually write at work, on my lunch break or something, and I've just been so busy I haven't had time to think through a good one. However, I'm even planning on taking notes, making a really good one. Not just one that people will read and giggle at. Of course, you'll still giggle when you read my really good one. I promise. I'm basically so awesome it's impossible for me to write something blah.


but serious.

I'm almost moved into my new office. Actually, pretty much everything is over there except for my computer and my phone number. IT guys have to move my phone number, and they said that they would do it by Monday. Yeah, like the day after today, cause weekends don't count. I'll move my computer because it's something I can handle, and I don't want to wait another three weeks for that. I'm really ready to just be finished moving, because it's a big pain in da neck to run down the hall to get something like my stapler, or something...

I'm so excited for tonight! Chris is taking me to the movies. For free, cause we printed some ticket of the internet. Yaaay! We're gonna eat something cheap then have buttery popcorn at the theatre. I for serious heart buttery popcorn. All those people who think that it's okay to have popcorn with just a smidgin of salt on it, you're missing out. AND... you're faking it. You so know you like buttery popcorn.

My tummy just rumbled.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday was my daddy's birthday. I called him reeeeally early to sing him Happy Birthday, and he didn't even answer the phone. So I left it on the answering machine :-)

Yesterday was the TBAALAS event in Fort Worth, and it made me realize I'm a little disappointed in the supervisors for not promoting it. There were four people (besides me) from UTSW at the event... and only one was a technician. I'll work on that.

Yesterday I downloaded a Starbucks app on my iPhone. It is for shizzle so amazing. Forgive the lame use of "street slang"-- I'm still learning.

Yesterday I spent 2 ½ hours at Starbucks with Tara, my new favoritest person in the world. She's pretty flippin' sweet. Plus, she bought me my drink. Yaaaay.
Today my rabbit class got canceled. Some of my employees heard this and now I will have a rabbit class with all of them instead of PIs. I don't know how I feel about this.

Today I continue to move into my new office.

Today I beg my boss to do something with the eSirius so that I can finally play with that program before launching a gigantic Access project.

Today I eat noodles and roasted red pepper dressing for lunch... yaaaaay.

The end.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am sick of Lauren's Bite filling up my dashboard space with header submissions. Don't get me wrong, I love her sites, but I'd much rather see a video trailer with a couple of shirtless hottie-mc-hottiesons in them, than 30+ headers. In her own words, srsly... it's a bit much.

I am happy that the office I'm moving into is finally semi-vacant, and I will be moving in there in the very near future.

I am upset at Dallas traffic this morning. A 20-minute ride took Chris and I over an hour. For reals. There was some huge accident that made 5 lanes of traffic merge into... ONE. ONE LANE OF TRAFFIC. Plus, there was another accident caused by the first one, so there was basically no way of getting around it. Thank you, iPhone, for making a pretty sweet Google Map app to get me through that.

I am happy that I get to take a field trip for work on Wednesday, and that someone will pick me up at the train station there so that I don't have to spend el gas money. Yaaay.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My name is Erin.
I am addicted to social networking.

BUT... without it, how would the world know that Patrick Swayze died?
Or that Kanye is a douche? See. it's not all bad.

Anyway, I also tweet. Yes, I am a proud member of the Twitter community. I'm not trying to sell you on it, I just wanted to share the kinds of things people (namely, me) post on here. I don't know where I'll start until I go copy/paste, but I'm going to start somewhere, and show you a chronological list of my tweets. Enjoy.

Sept 13
  • I love NFL Sundays. Cheering for the Giants now.
  • Kanye makes me mad- and I don't even like Tauyor Swift.
  • Taylor Swift is so not-educated, she doesn't know how Romeo & Juliet ended... Buy yet, she's able to be a trending topic... WTG Twitter.
  • Because I'm already sick of seeing tweets about the VMAs, I'm going to bed.
Sept 14
  • Tired of the rain- but busy day today, so no time to rest.
  • @mabeswife so, this morning, Bella tried to eat Maya. It was an eventful morning at my place.
  • Dear God, thank you for inventing coffee. I love you.
  • @mabeswife I *love* it!! I want one, too (in about three years).
  • @mabeswife hekyes! I will give birth in November 2012 (but don't hold me to that) :-P
  • I want to spend more time on Twitter today, but I told my trainees not to be on their phones so I have to keep mine away also. Bummer.
  • FINALLY!! Trainees are gone, surgeons are rounded up, and it's time to do "my" work.
  • Boyfriend made me dinner... Again. After helping me doctor up my puppy.
  • Haven't been thankful enough of the things I should be thankful for lately. God, please help me work on that tomorrow.
Sept 15
  • I love peaches and cream oatmeal in the morning.
  • I'm off to change the world... One physician at a time.
  • There you are, sun! I've missed you!
  • WAIT! SUN! Come back!
  • Hekyes I just got a $60 refund from Parking Services!! Just what I needed! Thank you, Jesus!
  • I love to see Asian people ordering from Chinese fast food places. No sarcasm.
  • If I moved to China, I wonder if I'd use chopsticks or a fork?
  • I'm almost laughing out loud at the conversation to my right.
  • The MDs are trying to play detective. And they SUCK at it.

Okay. That was actually very therapeutic. Maybe I have to slow down a bit. Meh. It's fun. And it means... absolutely... nothing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I went to the science museum and all i got were these cool pictures...

Yay for rainy weekends. The best way to spend these weekends? on the couch, with hot tea and a good, old movie.

The second best way to spend these weekends? Taking a train ride, slodging through a TON of rain and puddles in a cast, walking about a mile (it seemed) and going to...

The Dallas Museum of Nature and Science!!

We played spy, went digging for dinosaur bones, played with mirrors and bubbles, saw how the body works, saw cool heads of animals, and played dress-up. It was basically major fun. Plus, I got to hang out with kiddos that are waaay cooler than my kiddos in Sunday School (am I even allowed to say that??). Plus, rumor has it, those kiddos liked me, too! Suh-weet.

Anyways, here's some pics of this weekend. Lame, I know, but I only took three pics. Well, I took four, but one was just the exact same as the posted one of t-rex, so I saved your time and posted just the one. The end.

Mr T-Rex. I so love these big bone things. I feel like a kid when I see the dinosaurs.

I don't remember what this is. Not a pterodactyl. Something else. It looks neat, though. Plus, you can't see how huge it is in this pic, but that head is like, 15 feet, or something.

Sydney! We had fun. She said she liked me, too. Awesome :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Friday. Duh.

Hello and good afternoon.

I have some things to say, that might be of interest to you.

1) my flower ring is too big. this makes me sad, because it is my favorite ring. ev-ah. serious. so, it's been too big for my ring finger and i finally moved it to my middle finger. well, it's falling off that one now, too. this makes me happy, because it means one of two things: 1) i am losing weight, or 2) i am drinking lots more water. Yay either way. Well, except that i have to get up in the middle of the night, to, you know, when i drink so much water. meh.

2) i had an eye doctor appointment and this is how it went:
me: o, hai doktur. ize havin' trubble readin'.
doc: o, hai pashunt. ize fix that.
me: gee thanks doktur.
doc: here. tri dese contaks.
me: ow. dese hurt.
doc: iz ok. you be bettur laytur.
sooo... i have itchy eyes because she gave me the wrong brand of contact. bummer, dude. bonus, she gave me the right brand to take and change into later. bad thing: i had to go with bifocal contacts. BIFOCALS!! what am i, 50? oops. sorry mom and dad. so, they're actually gonna be pretty cool i think. BUT, i also have to get bifocal glasses now. puhleze let me find cute no-line ones so that i don't look all nerdy and such. the end.

3) i plan on buying dog food today after work. bella is nearly out. good thing though, we found some cheap stuff at tom thumb that does the trick and regulates her doggie-poos. yaaay.

4) i'm looking forward to this weekend. i want to straighten up the house on saturday, and if it doesn't rain, clean out the inside of my car. sunday chris and i are going to my aunt and uncle's house, then hopefully to zack and sarah's house. yay again.

5) I'M WALKING! yep, i talked to the doctor this week to see if my sick was from a virus or from the pain meds, and he actually had my MRI report right there. turns out that tendon ISN'T ruptured. it's great great great news. i might not have to have surgery now. i still don't know what's wrong with my ankle, but i know that tendon was going to be a big deal, so i'm glad it's intact :-D

Okay, so maybe that stuff wasn't as interesting to you as you anticipated. Who cares? It's my blog. I'm happy for tonight. chris is cooking for me, and i plan on sitting on the couch while he does so.

The end. Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm sick. I'm at work. The end.

Okay, not quite the end. I'm definitely not feeling well, though. I showered this morning (big deal, since I'd been doing the whole wash-hair-in-sink-and-spongebath-EW!-all-the-rest) and so was hurtin' from that. Then, I took a medicine on little food, so was sick from that. Got to work, and called el doctor to see if he could change my medicine since I don't feel like this one is working. Long story short, I got *yelled at* for not taking enough medicine. Wha-? Yep. I'd been waiting to take one late at night, or at least after work. Well, the doctor said I HAVE to take one every four hours from now on. So, at the 4-hr mark, I took one at work. hmmm... thing is, I forgot to take food with it. So, I started having "hot flashes" and feeling really really nauseous. Super girl near my office got some water and a nutri-grain bar for me. It has started to help... an hour after I took the pill.

No fun. I've got to find a better way. I seriously am about to lay my head on my desk for a while. I'm glad it's pretty quiet in this office area because I don't want to answer to anyone right now. Bleh.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Walmart wheelchairs are kinda fun.

So, been nearly a week on crutches. I forgot how much they SUCK! I
finally got them adjusted right, so they don't hurt so much, but my
forearms keep cramping up now. Boo hoo. Heck, I don't really have
reason to complain at all, because my boyfriend is phenomenal. He is
cooking and cleaning and shopping for me, and being very patient with
me during my nausea and pain-induced mood swings. What an awesome guy.

More? Okay. My nails are super pretty. When my cousin visited, she
left a cuticle cream with me, called L'Occitane en Provence. She left
it here cause it got a tiny hole in it and she didn't want to travel
with it. I'm so glad she did. It's addicting. Try it.

More? Okay. I got reading glasses today. Went to Target. They are
cheap and cute. I don't even know for sure that they are the right
strength, but the little bit I've worn them, they seem like they'll be
good. It might take a little while to get used to them, but before
long I think it will help for sure.

More? Sheesh, you're needy! Okay, last one. I'm super glad to be at
church tomorrow. I missed last week cause of this whole "broken leg"
excuse, and am actually looking forward to tackling the kiddos again.
Well, not literally tackling them. More like smacking them with my
crutches. Kidding!! Man, that's not even real funny. Sorry, dude.

Anyway, still another day to this looong weekend! Yay holiday
weekends! I have some work to take care or while Chris is moving more
stuff into his place on Monday. That boy needs a day to just rest.
Poor thing has his own stuff, AND taking care of his crippled
girlfriend. What a trooper.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I had my ortho appointment this morning. He seems like he'll be a heck of a doctor... perfect for me. See, all other docs had a hard time understanding why i said i was hurting, when my ankle isn't swolen and bruised. this doc said "no wonder-- you're on so many immunosuppressants, you're not going to bruise and swell like other people"- YES! someone who knows me!! Thrilled. Well, the x-ray was better than expected. a small chip fracture is all, it seems. Except for the parts you *can't* see in an x-ray. By feeling, he could tell that i have a ruptured tendon. Technical diagnosis: tibialis posterior rupture. also known as: ouch. Well, he told me that he'd be putting me in a boot, which thrilled me... that means i can walk, right?!? NO. Absolutely no weight bearing on that leg. None whatsoever. So, since it's difficult for me to get around the different campuses with crutches, and a wheelchair is cumbersome, i get a "roll-a-bout". or, as my aunt toni called it, a "knee scooter thing a-ma jig". hahaha. Anyway, here's the new "boot":

Hardcore, huh. It's not my first. I actually had one JUST LIKE this one less than a year ago. oh, well. It's what i do. get hurt. :-(