Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I had my ortho appointment this morning. He seems like he'll be a heck of a doctor... perfect for me. See, all other docs had a hard time understanding why i said i was hurting, when my ankle isn't swolen and bruised. this doc said "no wonder-- you're on so many immunosuppressants, you're not going to bruise and swell like other people"- YES! someone who knows me!! Thrilled. Well, the x-ray was better than expected. a small chip fracture is all, it seems. Except for the parts you *can't* see in an x-ray. By feeling, he could tell that i have a ruptured tendon. Technical diagnosis: tibialis posterior rupture. also known as: ouch. Well, he told me that he'd be putting me in a boot, which thrilled me... that means i can walk, right?!? NO. Absolutely no weight bearing on that leg. None whatsoever. So, since it's difficult for me to get around the different campuses with crutches, and a wheelchair is cumbersome, i get a "roll-a-bout". or, as my aunt toni called it, a "knee scooter thing a-ma jig". hahaha. Anyway, here's the new "boot":

Hardcore, huh. It's not my first. I actually had one JUST LIKE this one less than a year ago. oh, well. It's what i do. get hurt. :-(

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