Monday, September 28, 2009

My teeth hurt because my dental hygenist was born in 1908 and is sadistic.

I'm still not really here for a good post.
So, you're stuck with whatever I want to talk about. Yet again.

Sometimes, I wish my blog was all popular, and recommended to all sorts of people, and that, like, 200 people left comments on it.

Then I realize that I'd have to correct a little grammar here, punctuation there, and plus, my email inbox would be loaded full of all those comments. way non-cool.

I just read in a blog (I would hyperlink it but I closed it out already) that 16,000 words in the newest dictionary lost their hyphens. Like, seriously. Offhand, I can't think of any words that even have hyphens in them, aside from my made-up words (I just plugged that one in there. Not sure if it works). And also those really-long-sentences-where-you-want-to-just-show-someone-your-emotion-and-how-upset-or-passionate-about-something-you-are.

I've got to take the train today. I mean, I get to take the train today? Chris and I are trying out a new commute and I'm taking the TRE to Union, then getting on the Blue South. I've only gone North on the Blue, so I'm a little intrigued. I get to see a whole new part of the city. I hope that the Ledbetter Station is a safe one, cause I have to wait there for at least 10 minutes for Chris to pick me up. We'll see how it works.

Everyone has seemed so down lately. My whole office had either a headache or a tummy ache, or was just run down today. It totally bums me out. Apparently, though, I'm not happy one way or another. When everyone's happy at work, they're too loud. When they're sick, they bum me out. Meh.

I had a date on Friday! Chris and I went to Studio Movie Grill. I heart Movie/Diner places. So so much. I hope to get tickets to a New Moon at one of them so that when Leann visits, I can take her to one of those. Because 1) it's totally fun to eat dinner while you're at the movies, and 2) it holds a little bit older of a crowd. Which hopefully means no screams when Edward is onscreen, or when Jacob takes off his shirt (swoon)... Okay. We'll all be screaming on the inside.

I'm fairly homesick. I don't know why. I'm homesick for two places though. For Arkansas and my friends there (I miss Leann something terrible... and I want to see Anita also. And Morgan's baby should be fairly cooked by now. I wonder what color Beth's hair is?), and of course for Pittsburgh and family. My cousin is officially getting married in... Ummm... some Saint city, in another country, on the beach. With just her and her boyfriend/fiance/husband going. And please, someone, tell me why on earth they had to get a loan for FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for a week's vacation??!!!? It's not like they are heading to New Zealand or something. They're going to Central America!

Meh. Not my money. I wish them the best.

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  1. 1) FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS? Holy schneikies. That's insane.

    2) Morgan's belly is so freakin' cute.

    3) Send me a page of writing for me to edit and I will find at least ten words that need to be hyphenated. Mainly words that have an adjective and then a verb and then a decision-making process. Leaving out hyphens drives me bonkers.

    4) I will totally scream inside when Edward walks across the screen and when Jacob shows his abs. Ain't no thang. And I totally want to eat dinner and watch a movie at the same time. I'm all about the food right now, as you know.

    I guess that's it.

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