Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Friday. Duh.

Hello and good afternoon.

I have some things to say, that might be of interest to you.

1) my flower ring is too big. this makes me sad, because it is my favorite ring. ev-ah. serious. so, it's been too big for my ring finger and i finally moved it to my middle finger. well, it's falling off that one now, too. this makes me happy, because it means one of two things: 1) i am losing weight, or 2) i am drinking lots more water. Yay either way. Well, except that i have to get up in the middle of the night, to, you know, when i drink so much water. meh.

2) i had an eye doctor appointment and this is how it went:
me: o, hai doktur. ize havin' trubble readin'.
doc: o, hai pashunt. ize fix that.
me: gee thanks doktur.
doc: here. tri dese contaks.
me: ow. dese hurt.
doc: iz ok. you be bettur laytur.
sooo... i have itchy eyes because she gave me the wrong brand of contact. bummer, dude. bonus, she gave me the right brand to take and change into later. bad thing: i had to go with bifocal contacts. BIFOCALS!! what am i, 50? oops. sorry mom and dad. so, they're actually gonna be pretty cool i think. BUT, i also have to get bifocal glasses now. puhleze let me find cute no-line ones so that i don't look all nerdy and such. the end.

3) i plan on buying dog food today after work. bella is nearly out. good thing though, we found some cheap stuff at tom thumb that does the trick and regulates her doggie-poos. yaaay.

4) i'm looking forward to this weekend. i want to straighten up the house on saturday, and if it doesn't rain, clean out the inside of my car. sunday chris and i are going to my aunt and uncle's house, then hopefully to zack and sarah's house. yay again.

5) I'M WALKING! yep, i talked to the doctor this week to see if my sick was from a virus or from the pain meds, and he actually had my MRI report right there. turns out that tendon ISN'T ruptured. it's great great great news. i might not have to have surgery now. i still don't know what's wrong with my ankle, but i know that tendon was going to be a big deal, so i'm glad it's intact :-D

Okay, so maybe that stuff wasn't as interesting to you as you anticipated. Who cares? It's my blog. I'm happy for tonight. chris is cooking for me, and i plan on sitting on the couch while he does so.

The end. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. How do I go about getting my husband to cook for me? I'm pregnant and can't even get that. What's wrong with this story?

    Glad you're walking--old lady. HAHA. Couldn't resist.


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