Friday, September 25, 2009

It's time for a good one...

... and this one isn't it.

But I notice that I've been putting up quite a few nonsensical posts lately. It's time for a good one. See, I usually write at work, on my lunch break or something, and I've just been so busy I haven't had time to think through a good one. However, I'm even planning on taking notes, making a really good one. Not just one that people will read and giggle at. Of course, you'll still giggle when you read my really good one. I promise. I'm basically so awesome it's impossible for me to write something blah.


but serious.

I'm almost moved into my new office. Actually, pretty much everything is over there except for my computer and my phone number. IT guys have to move my phone number, and they said that they would do it by Monday. Yeah, like the day after today, cause weekends don't count. I'll move my computer because it's something I can handle, and I don't want to wait another three weeks for that. I'm really ready to just be finished moving, because it's a big pain in da neck to run down the hall to get something like my stapler, or something...

I'm so excited for tonight! Chris is taking me to the movies. For free, cause we printed some ticket of the internet. Yaaay! We're gonna eat something cheap then have buttery popcorn at the theatre. I for serious heart buttery popcorn. All those people who think that it's okay to have popcorn with just a smidgin of salt on it, you're missing out. AND... you're faking it. You so know you like buttery popcorn.

My tummy just rumbled.

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