Monday, September 21, 2009


I am sick of Lauren's Bite filling up my dashboard space with header submissions. Don't get me wrong, I love her sites, but I'd much rather see a video trailer with a couple of shirtless hottie-mc-hottiesons in them, than 30+ headers. In her own words, srsly... it's a bit much.

I am happy that the office I'm moving into is finally semi-vacant, and I will be moving in there in the very near future.

I am upset at Dallas traffic this morning. A 20-minute ride took Chris and I over an hour. For reals. There was some huge accident that made 5 lanes of traffic merge into... ONE. ONE LANE OF TRAFFIC. Plus, there was another accident caused by the first one, so there was basically no way of getting around it. Thank you, iPhone, for making a pretty sweet Google Map app to get me through that.

I am happy that I get to take a field trip for work on Wednesday, and that someone will pick me up at the train station there so that I don't have to spend el gas money. Yaaay.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


  1. Since we are so great at correcting grammar for each other, I thought I'd point out that your sentence should be "A 20-minute ride took Chris and ME over an hour." You wouldn't say "A 20-minute ride took I over an hour" now would you? HAHAHA. It's a pet-peeve of mine, the mis-use of the words "me" and "I" so I thought I'd rag you. You're a good sport. You can handle it.

    Oh, and I love that my commute to Jefferson has NO traffic. Bahaha.

  2. You win, Leann :-P
    I am usually super careful with the whole me/I thing, but forgive me-- it's a Monday!

  3. All is forgiven. I've made my share of mistakes today too. Bleh. I feel bad anyway, I just happen to catch that and had to say something. You know I love you!


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