Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm sick. I'm at work. The end.

Okay, not quite the end. I'm definitely not feeling well, though. I showered this morning (big deal, since I'd been doing the whole wash-hair-in-sink-and-spongebath-EW!-all-the-rest) and so was hurtin' from that. Then, I took a medicine on little food, so was sick from that. Got to work, and called el doctor to see if he could change my medicine since I don't feel like this one is working. Long story short, I got *yelled at* for not taking enough medicine. Wha-? Yep. I'd been waiting to take one late at night, or at least after work. Well, the doctor said I HAVE to take one every four hours from now on. So, at the 4-hr mark, I took one at work. hmmm... thing is, I forgot to take food with it. So, I started having "hot flashes" and feeling really really nauseous. Super girl near my office got some water and a nutri-grain bar for me. It has started to help... an hour after I took the pill.

No fun. I've got to find a better way. I seriously am about to lay my head on my desk for a while. I'm glad it's pretty quiet in this office area because I don't want to answer to anyone right now. Bleh.

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