Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday was my daddy's birthday. I called him reeeeally early to sing him Happy Birthday, and he didn't even answer the phone. So I left it on the answering machine :-)

Yesterday was the TBAALAS event in Fort Worth, and it made me realize I'm a little disappointed in the supervisors for not promoting it. There were four people (besides me) from UTSW at the event... and only one was a technician. I'll work on that.

Yesterday I downloaded a Starbucks app on my iPhone. It is for shizzle so amazing. Forgive the lame use of "street slang"-- I'm still learning.

Yesterday I spent 2 ½ hours at Starbucks with Tara, my new favoritest person in the world. She's pretty flippin' sweet. Plus, she bought me my drink. Yaaaay.
Today my rabbit class got canceled. Some of my employees heard this and now I will have a rabbit class with all of them instead of PIs. I don't know how I feel about this.

Today I continue to move into my new office.

Today I beg my boss to do something with the eSirius so that I can finally play with that program before launching a gigantic Access project.

Today I eat noodles and roasted red pepper dressing for lunch... yaaaaay.

The end.

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