Friday, October 23, 2009

Etsy wishful thinking

I love etsy... and I'm obviously super busy at work this afternoon, so I tore myself away for a while to do some window-shopping. Here's what I want.

I love that it's paisley. The end.

I would totally use this bag *all* the time if I owned it.

If this bag didn't cost $140, it would be my Christmas gift to Leann.

Like a scarf, since I love them, only cooler... maybe.

Beatrix Potter. Awesome.

They even sell homemade teas on there. Don't worry, they come packaged in convenient use bags.

I love yarn. This would go nicely in the newest scarf I'm making.
What the eff is that in the bottom right of this picture??

Same as above. I want cool yarns. Best? These are only about $10 each.


  1. I think that's an epic 'stache at the bottom of that pic. And I think rather than cooler, that scarf would be warmer. hehehehe.


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