Monday, November 9, 2009

China. Fo' reals, yo.

Okay. It's all falling into place quite nicely.

Do you know there are 20 million people that live in Shanghai?

I had a talk with the people from the lab in China last night. It went, shall I say, phenomenal?

Shanghai-- just the city-- is bigger than the whole of DFW Metroplex.

They loved me. So much that they are bringing me to China *very* soon.

I hear it's freezing in Shanghai in December.

Yep. I'm going there in December. For the entire month. THE ENTIRE MONTH. Woah. Seriously.

I'm spending Christmas in China.

So, I have paperwork from them that I have to take to the embassy in Houston to apply for my "Multiple Entry Business Visa".

It costs $130 friggin' dollars to get a visa. Ouch.

I was super nervous to talk to my boss about this. Because, well, I didn't know if he would support me, and without his support this would either not happen, or be very difficult.

I wanted to throw up before I talked to him.

He was so excited for me! He says it's a wonderful opportunity, and is talking to our admin to get information about the logistics of it ASAP, since they want me there in, oh, THREE WEEKS.

I'm extremely nervous, and excited, and distracted. I cannot concentrate on anything work-related today, as I just keep searching for things about Shanghai. Doesn't help when my mom and boyfriend are doing the same. They keep sending me websites with pictures or information or whatever.

I came into work with a really bad headache. Now I still have a headache, but it's just in a different place. Earlier it was in the center of my forehead, now it's behind my ears. Well, that was just my side note. Enjoy your day!


  1. So excited for you and a little jealous! How awesome is it that you have such a great boss?

  2. Wow! What an awesome opportunity!
    I bet LeLe can understand your being bombarded with websites and information from your boyfriend and your Mom. I do that to her all the time! And I also know how it feels when something momentous happens and you can't concentrate on anything else for the entire day. Enjoy it! Good Luck Girl!! Have a great time and take lots and lots of pictures.


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