Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 1 in China

Day 1

Got a window seat on my first  flight.  Fell asleep relatively easily, and woke up as we are flying over the Rockies.  Beautiful.  No idea what time it is either where I am, or in San Fran—my watch is already set to Suzhou, so it's 10:45pm there.  I want to sleep more—to be on China time, and because I'm plumb tired.  But I don't want to sleep because I woke in the middle of a Harry Potter movie being shown on my flight, and as much as I never watch them before this, it's sort of… intriguing.  I suppose.  Well, can't hear it because I can't get to my headphones with the seat in front of me reclined all the way *sigh* oh well, I will probably pull out a game on my iphone to play for now.  I can always charge it in San Fran.

Either I'm more tired than I think, or the air up here makes my phone to be on steroids—cause I can't beat the computer in a game of Farkle to save my life.  Crap-pola.

I switched to Sway (an awesome game)—now it's even cooler because I realized that the character I chose *totally* resembles Chuck Norris.  I so wanted to make sound effects while playing it.  You know, "pachoo, pachoo, kapow, hi-ya!!" Yeah, you totally understand.

As soon as I locked the bathroom door, we hit some turbulence.  Uncool.

Gah.  I'm now 3.5 hours into the second part of my trip.  Which means?  I'm starting a whole 'nother day of travel.  It's 7:30am China time on 11/26.  Again, I'm clueless with what that means for Dallas or Pittsburgh times.  All I know is, I've got ten hours to go.  Forgive my lack of enthusiasm at this point.  It recently hit me that, when I get off this plane, I'm in China for five weeks.  I'm a bit homesick already.  On an up note, the guy in the seat next to me is super nice.  Very polite and says I'm going to fall in love with Suzhou.  Now, unrelated, why the eff are we flying up to Alaska instead of over Hawaii?  I need a physics major, or a meteorologist to answer that one.  All I know is, based on the map of our progress that I can watch, we are just south of Anchorage.  Seems a tad out of the way is all I'm sayin'.

Seven hours left per the map in front of me.  I just pulled out my Underwater World color and sticker book.  Mom, the guy next to me works for GE, not WuXi, I checked :-)  Anyways, I'm fairly certain that he's all kinds of jealous of me right now.  He was watching me color lots, so I even offered him a blank sheet.  He declined.  Likely because he doesn't know how to be this cool on a flight.  Erica, I chose the picture of moray eels and totally thought of you.  Not because you're all moray-like, but cause of eel, your initials… you get it.

6.5 hours left.  We are getting a snakc.  Guess what it is?  Ramen.  Serious.  Like cup of noodle, but it's really Chinese.  I'm so excited.  They even gave chopsticks to eat it with.  Yep, I'll be using the spork that is also included :-)  *Clarification—it wasn't ramen.  It was "Japanese-Chinese food", and "slightly different" from Chinese noodles.  Per the kind gentleman to my right*

The map also shows outside air temp.  I'm near Siberia, just crossed the Bering Sea.  Any guesses to the temp out there?  Anyone?  Okay.  -54 Celsius.  Thanks to my convertbot app (um, I mean my mad AALAS training?), that is -65.2 Fahrenheit.  Holy schnikes.

Few things, then this is probably my last section for the night.  We flew over Japan not too long ago.  I ;think there's only another two hours or so left in the flight (yay!).  I stood while we passed it and watched it out one of the windows in the back of the plane.  Just now, it sounded like someone was playing with their flight attendant call button.  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Then someone came running down the aisle, yelling something in Chinese.  The flight attendants ran back, following the man back to his seat, then there was an announcement: "Is there a doctor on the plane?  We have an emergency.  Please identify yourself if you are a doctor."  Seriously, I thought this only happened in movies.  Crazy.  I have no idea what happened.  One, they are like 10 rows in front of me, and two, I don't speak Mandarin (B, sorry—didn't make it to the "medical emergency" section yet it appears).  Alright.  I'm out for now.  Before I post this, I *might* add something about tonight's Thanksgiving Dinner.  But, I imagine you're as tired of reading this as I am of typing.  Well, I'm not tired of it, cause I've done it in sections over 20 hours.  But still, I can imagine you're tired of it.

Thanksgiving Dinner: I met some people.  I ate some dinner.  The end.  Okay, slight elaboration?  The food was pretty amazing.  And some were nothing I'd had before.  Like, I don't think there was bread in that stuffing.  Not sure what it was, but it was yummy.  And there was this bread.  A dense, low bread, like a brownie texture, but it had meat in it.  Little chunks of meat.  It was good, too.  It took us 1.5 hours to get from Shanghai to Suzhou, so you can imagine I'm tired.  Didn't go to sleep til midnight.  Now it's 7am and I'm typing this last sentence right before I go to get ready for the day.


  1. I love that you recapped your trip. I bet you are dog tired and I can't believe you are already at work. Craziness. You should keep a watch with Dallas time on it so you'll know...right now, it's 7:15 p.m. and your blog posted at almost 5:00 p.m.

    Miss you already.

  2. Oh, this is so great. Please keep a running log of your experiences. We get to live it vicariously through you.... :) Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

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