Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 3

Day 3

This one is going to be short.  It's all of 8:30pm, and I'm exhausted.

I started the day wandering by my hotel alone, going down neat alleyways into fun shops… then Simon called and we went out.  I don't remember what it was called, but it was a fun shopping area, where there aren't cars or scooters on the street, so you can go without being killed.  Fun stuff.  I bought some Suzhou candy—it looks like pepperoni, but tastes like a crunchy-ish fruit rollup.  It has so much sugar in it, I ate two and was okay, and it comes with a lot.  Simon paid for his handmade new coat, and I picked one out.  More later.  We ate lunch at a noodle place, where I had udon vegetable soup, and ate the soup with chopsticks.  I'm starting to get okay at it, as long as someone shows me a trick for the slippery foods.

Then we went to a place called Thousand Year Road (I think), which is like the oldest part of Suzhou.  It was neat.  There used to be a big wall surrounding the city, and there's still a portion left of it—the gate part.  I got to see that from a distance.  I think you can go closer but we didn't this time.  I got a drink that was like a Lipton green tea, but it was obviously a Chinese brand, and it was chrysanthemum tea.  It was awesome.  Then we (Simon and I) met up with Tyler who had just come in from Beijing.  We ate dinner at a hot pot place, where they cook broth at your table and you dip in things and cook them just a bit then eat them.  The chopsticks were longer at this place, so you didn't burn your hands over the steam of the broth.  Oh, I had my very first encounter with *real* China toilets.  Ken, if you're reading this, I totally thought of you and the squatty potty :-)

It was freezing by the time we left, so we grabbed a cab back to the first area that Simon and I shopped at, so he could pick up his coat.  I got measured for a coat, and am having it made.  It's a sort of mix between a pea and a trench coat, really cute, so dark grey it's nearly black, with a kind of brown lining.  It's going to have a cotton lining in the middle to make it warmer.  Oh, the outside is wool, the inside is silk, it's handmade, and it cost me about $100.  So exciting.  Then we all left home.  Well, Tyler and I rode together cause we stay in the same hotel.

The end.  I'm tired.  I'm trying to send some pictures with this one.  I hope it works.  Leann, I'm also emailing you the pictures so that if it doesn't post, you can just go ahead and add them.




  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself so far. Glad to see the pics too. How fun to get a custom made coat for $100. Pretty cool.

  2. The pics showed up. Still wondering how you eat soup with chopsticks...


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