Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 5

Day 5

Due to time constraints (well, the fact that I'm stinkin' exhausted), I'm just going to give you the quick and dirty rundown of my day.

THE SUN CAME OUT!  It was phenomenal.  I saw blue sky and everything.  I'm even attaching the picture of the blue sky because I'm so happy about it.  I went outside to see it, even.  Looking from the windows wasn't enough.

There's a guy here that I used to work with, and now I remember why I don't like to spend too much time with him—the man loves to talk.  And he talks about himself a lot.  AND, I heard him tell the same story three different times, to three different people, and the details changed each time.  AND, most importantly, he tried taking credit of the training program I created.  That *really* irks me.  He even had the nerve to say that he modeled it after his Army training.  I was the only one that worked on that project.  I did.  Not him, me.  Honest, I don't even think he was in the group that proofread it at the end.

I had a chimichanga plate for dinner.  Complete with refried beans and rice and everything.  I wasn't in the mood, but Tyler and Charlie were, so I went with them.  Better than eating alone.  But heck, I'm in stinkin' CHINA.  You don't get chimichangas in China.  Even if it was kinda good.

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