Monday, November 23, 2009

weekend with my bff

Yay! Leann came to visit this weekend!
We had such a great time. She arrived Friday, and we wasted no time getting into our shopping mode. First, we went to DSW. This was my first time (can you believe it??), and when we entered, we felt like we'd died and gone to shoe heaven. could have easily spent a few hours in here.

I bought a pair of black shoes that sort of look like flats, with a cute little bow-- but they're about 1½ wedge. *love* them! I can wear them with black dress pants, or with bright pink socks and jeans. AND... they. fit. perfectly. I'm so happy. Don't even have to wear them in or anything.

After DSW, we went to New Moon. It was phenomenal. I'm not giving a synopsis or anything, cause there's approximately a bajillion websites that you can find it on. All I'm sayin' is, Jacob is one *hot* 17-year old. Also, Leann and I are dirty old women. And we're okay with that.

Saturday, we had a super busy day. Started at Town East mall to get my glasses adjusted, in preparation for my trip. Then we went to Northpark mall. I'd never been to the south side of it, just to the north side. The north side has normal stores, like Macy's and Brookstone (I got a converter set for electric outlets in China), Eddie Bauer, you get it. The south side, Oscar de la renta, Burberry, Tiffany's, and as you see...

Louis Vuitton... and some CRAZY art (?), if you can call it that. These guys were moving, looked like they were going to bring down the hatchet on us. Sorta scary.

Then, we went to Souper Salad for lunch (one of my faves), Half Price Books (got some phenomenal deals), and a thrift store (Leann got a great-looking, cheap winter coat that will accommodate her growing pregnant-belly).

Dinner was Chris' idea-- Cantina Laredo up in Addison. It was sooo good. Leann and I both got chicken and spinach enchiladas that were topped with cotijo cheese and sauteed veggies. *sigh* they were so amazing. I want more. now.

Leann's baby is the size of an avocado now, and they can make guacamole right at your table, so we took a picture of two avocados. Hahahaha...

She left (boo) Sunday morning, Chris and I went to church, then i did laundry, napped a bit, cooked an awesome chicken-rice bake, then started packing. I'm packing two suitcases, only partially full though. It's going good so far. i need to do some rearranging on the left one, I know... I'll work on that tonight. Also, I haven't packed one jacket that I want to bring, or my scarves, or jewelry, or toiletries... but there will be plenty of room. I promise.

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  1. I had a blast and miss you already. And, I want to see New Moon again. And, I want to eat enchiladas again.


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